A remote working option that offers long term options, a community, coaching and training and a whole lotta fun.

Join our world class team, and the future of working!

Join our world class team,
and the future of working!

Join our team and become one of the #WorldsGreatest Virtual Assistants.
We are actively growing and upskilling our Potential Superstar VA list.

Where does your biggest passion for Virtual Assistance show itself?


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We are quite unique in the fact that we don’t only match skills and interests, we have a strong focus on personality as well. We know to succeed in the long term, you and your client should match in personality as well. You should get along with your new client and their team.

We are a team first agency. We focus on creating a unusually tight-knit team bond, even though you are remote, you never loose the camaraderie of a supporting team.

We developed our very own VAVarsity to further upskill you in aspects to help you become the one of #WorldsGreatest VA’s.

The founders and directors actively coach and mentor all VA’s where you feel the need and in areas you want to improve, they are all about continued improvement, and with their vast business backgrounds they have a wealth of wisdom to share.

It is all about you.

We have a few cardinal expectations when we look for that perfect Virtual Assistant to join our fantastic team of Virtual Assistants.

To start with VA Connect, you have to be available for support during office hours, this directly indicates that if you are employed full time that this journey is not yet right for you.

We have to know that you have a stable internet connection at home and that you have the basics to perform remote support, like a reliable computer or laptop and a quiet place to work.

You should have a positive and friendly attitude.

You should have a pro-active and can-do attitude.

You should be Trustworthy, Reliable and Discreet.

You should have professional communication skills.

You should be able to work efficient and have great time management skills.

You should be coachable and willing to learn new skills.

Why VA Connect?

What makes VA Connect different?

We want you to be the best you. We have our own VAVarsity to prepare you for your ideal role, and it is free to all VAConnect team members. You have a full team structure and we have regular in-person get togethers and daily digital chats.

What is the VA Connect company culture like?

We cultivate a culture of can-do, a place where you feel it’s home and where you are part of a close knit team, where you have a place in our family and where you can help our clients be the best that they can be.

Application Process.

How does the process work?

To start your journey, you simply need to complete our online application form. It’s easy yet detailed. We will gauge personality traits and preferences and skills you have that might help business owners excel in their respective ventures. You will do the initial leg-work to complete this form and together we will work to make sure that we all stay world-class with skills to match.

Getting Started.

How does the onboarding process work?

Once we have received your completed online application we will match the client’s brief with your application and CV to gauge whether your skills and aptitude are a match for the client. If you are shortlisted the client will conduct a digital interview with you. On a successful interview, your team leader will guide you to full integration with our systems and your new team members. It goes without saying that you will need to do a level of preparation work prior to the interview.

Do I get additional training?

Our custom build VA Varsity will ensure that you stay on top of your VA game. We also encouraged to upskill yourself on this platform as it is free to use for you. Should the client require you to use their particular system /software/online tools, either they will give you the training or you can do the training on your own steam. If you are taking over an account from a current VA, she will give you training on that particular account and all the small nuances associated with that particular account.

Can I pick who I want to work with?

You can put your hand up for RFPs that resonate with you where you have the skills and aptitude for that account. Or if you don’t have the current skills you can upskill yourself on VAVarsity in order to be considered for similar roles in future.

How soon do I start working?

As soon as we can match you with the right client and they have chosen you through the shortlisted interview process. This could be anything from 3 days to signing up or a couple of weeks, all dependent on the RFPs that come through.

Working with VA Connect.

What is the difference between a retainer and hourly bundles?

Retainers are based on a number of hours you will be expected to work per month, with an average daily hour expectancy. For example, 65 hours per month retainer works out to about 3hours per day.

Time bundles on the other hand are a set number of hours, like 10-hours or 20-hours. For time bundle clients you are required to keep track of every minute spent working using our very cool online software

How much will I get paid?

For time bundle clients you are paid strictly by the hour.

For retainer clients you are paid a retainer fee for the month, and this is calculated as a percentage of the client’s monthly package. Each package differs, and therefore the pay structure to you will differ accordingly.

How do I get paid?

You will need to invoice VA Connect as per our house rules which will be shared with you once you are fully on boarded. You will then be compensated on the last day of the month via EFT directly into your bank account.

Can I have more than one client?

You can have multiple clients with VA Connect. This is dependent on a few factors, like your time capacity throughout the day, your ability to project manage each client, being organised and efficient, always delivering high quality work to our clients and ensuring that each client is well taken care of.

How does support hours work?

Should a client book a 65 hour monthly retainer with you for example, then more than likely the client will expect you to work an average of 3 hours per day. These are not necessarily set times, unless specifically requested by the client. The client could request that you be online at specific times throughout the day. If you are assigned an international client they may require you to tie in with their office hours, or part there of.

Will I have a team leader?

You will be assigned a team leader, who will be your direct port of call for all client and internal related work. Your team leader is your go-to person who will help guide you on your VA journey.

What happens if my client expects me to make calls for them?

We use a calling system called SnappMobile where you will be assigned a phone number and given access to a digital dashboard. You will need your mobile phone to facilitate the call however all calling costs are for the client’s account.

Do I work public holidays? (SA and international)

You don’t work on SA public holidays, however, we do ask that you remind your international clients timeously of SA public holidays so that you can make up for the shortfall. Conversely, you do work on international public holidays unless otherwise specified by your international client(s).

How do reimbursements work if a client needs me to manage sundries?

We don’t encourage you doing anything that would require reimbursements as these tend to take time to be fulfilled by the client. The ONLY reimbursements we will entertain are those that have been clearly communicated to you by your client and your team leader has also been made aware of. This could be for online purchases, travel and other.

How do I keep track of time spent on time bundle clients?

You are required to use an online time tracking tool like Toggl. If you aren’t familiar on how it works, our Back End Manager will share a How-to with you.

How do I manage difficult clients?

Should you be placed in a position by your client that is perceived as him/her being difficult and unfair, you are expected to report this immediately to your Team Leader via email and copy VA Connect’s CEO. Include supporting document, factually state your case and ensure that your Team Leader has the whole story before she takes it further. Communication is key, so it’s important to communicate with your client and to keep digital record (like emails) of task requests from your client. Should you feel that your client has unfair expectations of you or that you aren’t being treated with respect, then it is also advised to make your Team Leader aware of this sooner rather than later.

What happens if I work overtime?

Overtime work can only be compensated if this was agreed upon in writing prior to the overtime work taking place between client, VA and VAC Management.

If I’m a team member, how do I participate in other RFPs?

Once you are part of the team and you would like to do additional work, you are welcome to apply for other RFPs that come through. We have an internal channel for RFPs and you will have direct access to them there.

What other house rules should I be aware of?

As a team we expect engagement from our entire team, whether this is attending our monthly digital team chat, writing a monthly blog for VAC’s clients or engaging on VAC’s social media platforms. You are also expected to start with your handover documents when starting on your client’s account and keep it updated on a regular basis. This handover document will be accessible by your Team Leader in the unlikely instance that you are off sick or take leave.

What happens if I’m offsick or need to take leave?

In the unlikely event that you won’t be able to check in for the day, we ask that you give us notice of this as soon as possible so that we can reach out to your client(s) and found out from them whether they need a stand in for the day. This is where your handover documents will come in handy.

Should you be taking leave, we ask that you advise your Team Leader and client(s) timesouly in order for us to arrange a stand-in for the time that you will be away.

Should you take leave please note that you won’t be compensated if the client chooses a stand-in VA as that particular VA would then need to be paid to do the work whilst you are away on leave.

Our Process is Simple, Our Experience a Joy!

Our Process is Simple,
Our Experience a Joy!

Apply On-Line

After you completed the online application and submitted all supporting documents, a digital meeting with Karen our CEO will happen. Upon a successful 1st round interview, you will be granted full access to VAVarsity where you can prepare yourself for the RFP journey.

RFP Rounds

As we receive client proposals that suits your skills and personality type, an “invite to apply” or RFP as we call it, will be send to you via email. Should you like the brief and the client you can indicate this to your team leader and you will be placed on the short-list for the client-round of interviews.

Full Integration

When you and your new client have met a full team integration will done where you will get access to our online portal where all communications and meetings will happen, your client training will follow. Karen and your team leader will guide and you to ensure you feel part of your new family.

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