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Virtual Assistant Connect Home

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Are you in need of a professional Virtual Assistant Service?
Do you want reliable information on how to source the best Virtual Assistant Options?
Are you looking for a dedicated , and for a managed and professional VA Agency in one?
Well then, we have just the solution.

Welcome! You have most likely found yourself on our page to discover how Virtual Assistant Services work and to figure out if a VA and a VA Agency is the right option for you or your business. Perhaps you discovered us whilst searching for an online Virtual Assistant Service solution already understanding the benefits of working with a professional VA Agency. VA Connect’s cutting-edge proccesses and services with expert VA’s will assist you in improving and streamlining your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?


more time

Time is your most valuable commodity. Our Virtual Assistants assist in maximizing your time.

better productivity

Our Virtual Assistants will allow you to work ON your business instead of IN your business.

sit back & relax

With our service offerings, you can easily sit back and enjoy a professional Virtual Assistant experience.

Need Social Proof?

“I am very happy with the service from Chantel and have no complaints, she makes my life so much easier.”

– Warren Stevens | Financial Director | Magic Company


“I’ve been very happy so far and will continue that happiness!”

– Shannon Walbran | Managing Director | Life Coach


“I really enjoy working with Annie. And the VA Connect systems that make it work are great. All very good. But I especially have enjoyed working with Annie. She’s so committed and easy to work with.”

– Norio De Sousa | Managing Director | Maxiware


“We are loving working our two VAs. Everything is Great! — and I appreciate you checking in!”

– Stuart McFaul | Managing Director | Spiral Group


“I have been using VA connect for my Virtual Assistant Services over the past 5 months and they are awesome.
They have provided me with a really high calibre VA, who I love. Plus Karen is really committed to helping her clients, her service is superb. I highly recommend VA Connect.”

– Donna McCallum l The Fairy Godmother

Delegating of tasks to your Virtual Assistant just got easier.


Send tasks to your VA from your mobile, by email or just a couple of clicks.

Virtual Assistant Connect Home
Virtual Assistant Connect Home

You know it’s time to get way more

Virtual Assistant Connect Home

Virtual Assistant Connect Home


VA Connect is a professional company providing clients with specialized and reliable Virtual Assistant Services, guaranteeing optimal delivery. Using our Virtual Assistants from any location globally, the VA Connect team of specialists have what it takes to give you the best Virtual Assistant Service. VA Connect will assist you with various ways in which to employ a professional Virtual Assistant Service that is best suited to your needs.

VA Connect assists you in being more organized and effective. Professional Visual Assistant Services are fundamental to YOUR business growth.

Whether you are a start up business or a business looking to grow; our team of experienced Virtual Assistants can help you stay in control of your business without the need to employ permanent staff.
Feeling overwhelmed by admin work or just need an extra pair of hands? Let VA Connect deal with your admin, sales and marketing support. Let it be our job to make your working life easier and let your clients have the benefit of your expertise. Let cold coffee be the thing of the past!

Getting started is easy


Choose your Package

Go through our packages, look at the services and decide on which one is more suitable for you and your busy lifestyle.

Make Payment

Go through the payment process, and yes, we made this simple too!

Virtual Assistant Connect Home


Send us your tasks

Use the technology that is most suited to your lifestyle, Email, Dropbox, Skype or Whatsapp the tasks to your VA.

Sitback and Relax

Now you wait, and don’t worry, we will be sending you regular updates while you enjoy your Mai Tai cocktail!

VA Connect is kinda famous, here we were mentioned and featured.

Virtual Assistant Connect Home
Virtual Assistant Connect Home
Virtual Assistant Connect Home

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