More than Virtual Assistants,
we are business allies.

More than Virtual Assistants,
we are business allies.

Hi there, I am Maxine Clark, CEO of VA Connect & Rethink Firm.

Thank you for taking the time to do a little research on us and giving us the opportunity to tell you what we can do for you, as well as what value we bring to you and your company.

Kobe Bryant said “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” And this is exactly what we believe in and try do on a daily basis. From finding remote professionals with the vision, drive, passion and hunger for the industry, and connecting them with Business Professionals who are looking to grow, market, sell, manage and be the best in their own industry.

Together with a team of professionals, every person on our team is upskilled through VA Varsity, coached by three top C-suite managers who are professionals and thought leaders within their own fields, expected to provide a high level service monitored through a KPI system called VAPI-ness, and kept energised, mindful and healthy through our very own Atomic Energy.

We are the best because we only work through the best, our remote professional workforce are not only matched on skills but more importantly on attitude, personality and inner-drive, enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond every day.

Karen Wessels, Founder

Growth is never by chance,
it’s the result of many forces working as one.

Where do you need
the most help today?

Where do you need
the most help today?

General Virtual Assistant Services

Your business needs grow as your baby matures and sometimes we need a Jill that can assist where and when she is needed. Jill needs to have a variety of skills and must be able to assist you with everything from scheduling posts to capturing invoices. She needs to arrange travels and manage your diary.

Click the button way down to book a session to find out how Jill can assist you and your business today.

Virtual Marketing Assistant Services

Marketing is something everybody can do, but few can succeed at. It is a specialist skill and requires a unique mind and a very unique personality. Maria knows how to use tools like Canva, MailChimp and WordPress. She is familiar with the importance of not only quality content, but ensuring your content gets discovered and seen.

To book a session with a Maria to discuss your marketing needs, scroll down a bit, you will see a cool orange button.

Virtual Sales Assistant Services

We know the only way to succeed in business is to ensure your sales pipeline is pumping. Sales is a beast of a different colour and not suited for everyone. Meet Barbara. She is tenacious, and works meticulously according to your sales schedule and ensures the prospects stay hot and nurtured.

To experience some of Barbara’s sales skills, find the button below, click it, and see if you become a client of VA Connect. Go on, I dare you!

Executive Virtual Assistant Services

Cream of the Crop. Only the best of VA Connect gets to join our Executive Virtual Assistant Program. It is an exclusive program and was designed to seamlessly merge into the teams of the big corporates globally. The Carol’s manage many diaries, travel arrangements of the EXCO and ensure the required members are in the required meetings, on-time and fully prepared. The Carol’s are the rockstars of the Corporate world.

To explore how we can increase your efficiency with more Carol’s, click the button below. 

It’s easy to get started.
You will be up and running
in no time.

It’s easy to get started.
You will be up and running in no time.

Designed to help you
build your business your way.

Designed to help you
build your business your way.


It all started back in 2008, yes, we are that old. Our founder Karen Wessels decided to quit her job one day after she decided she had enough of her boss. She started Lime Tree Consulting Solutions and offered remote admin assistance. (Back then we did not call it Virtual Assistance yet).

LTCS as it was known kick-started it’s career with a German client and the working relationship and the influence of a German Corporate can still be felt in the DNA of VA Connect today.

In 2014 LTCS got a brand refresh and a re-alignment. We were ready for the big league. We rebranded as VA Connect and founded the Managed Virtual Assistant concept. We understood the advantages and the stability for our clients on this model and our growth and success is a direct indication of the innovation and quality of service that is on the forefront of VA Connect values.

Since our inception of the Managed VA Agency model in 2014 we grew our team to over 25 Virtual Assistants, servicing nearly every continent and almost every industry. We are proud to strictly partner with South African Virtual Assistants and we recently launched our VA Varsity Platform. The VA Varsity is a platform designed to further enhance and develop our Virtual Assistants and their skill levels on various new software and programs.

We decided to create specialised departments as we recognised that the requirements of our clients became very specific and niche. The result was the four amazing pillars of VA Connect: General VA support, Marketing VA support, Sales VA support and Executive VA support.

Our goal is to go from Africa’s biggest Managed VA Agency to the worlds biggest Virtual Assistant Agency in the next 5 years. To join us on this exciting journey, either as a client or as a Virtual Assistant, feel free to make contact with one of our skilled VA’s 🙂


VA Connect is an Authority in the Virtual Assistant and Remote Working industry. We have been featured numerous times on South African Television and Radio, and asked to speak on the matter and the future of remote Admin and Support tasks and roles globally. Karen our Founder is regularly in front of big Corporates educating them on the advantages of remote working and coaching new and want-to-be VA’s the ropes.


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