We would love to
hear from you.

We would love to
hear from you.

Very Important
House Rules:

1. Be Nice
2. Bring your Best Banter
3. Don’t try to sell us anything
4. Don’t pitch us Guest Posts or Link Exchange

I am a Potential
Customer and Friend.

I have a pre-sale question or a general question about how your service works.

I am a Potential
VA and new Fam.

I am a Current or New Virtual Assistant and want to join the VA Connect Family.

If you prefer the other
Contact methods…

   +27 21 516 0004

   33 Syverwater Villas,
         Cape Town, South Africa

What describes you best?
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VA Connect
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No matter your business type or level, we have the virtual assistants you need. Be more in business, reach more in business, do more in business and get better as you go.

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