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    Why VA Connect?
    What sets VA Connect apart from the competition?

    We focus on personality and skills. We believe you and your VA should be like two peas in a pod, you should get along and have a healthy working relationship. We focus on quality. We ensure high quality VA’s and high quality skills. Internal Team Development and Culture is a huge part of the success of VA Connect. We are proud to announce VAVarsity, our very own VA University available to all our VA’s for further development.

    Billing & Subscription Information
    How do I sign up?

    Our process requires you to complete a short form to indicate a baseline. We will then arrange a call or a digital interview with you to gauge finer details and personality and skills required. We will compile a shortlist of possible Virtual Assistants and send you copies of their profiles where a series of personal interviews will happen. Only once you are happy with your VA or VA’s and you are sure you are a great match the “Sign-Up and On-Boarding” process starts. Our process is really simple and fast, we will have you up and running in no time.

    How do I pay?

    We have PayPal and various Credit Card payment options. We will send you a monthly invoice and should you require a monthly payment link, we can arrange that. Alternatively you can pay via EFT.

    Are your plans flexible?

    Yes, of course. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan as your business requirements change. You can even scale-up or scale-down your VA complement as you require. Your unused hours in our monthly plans do not roll over to the following months.

    How do I terminate work with a Virtual Assistant?

    We work on a month-to-month basis, we will  require a month (30 days) notice to either terminate or replace your Virtual Assistant.

    Are there any additional fees to my monthly plan?

    Our fees exclude excessive data usage (fair usage being 1GB per month on our account), calling costs, travel costs and sundries will be billed separately from your regular subscription plan.

    Safety, Privacy and GDPR.
    Is it safe to give confidential information to my resource

    While all of our Virtual Assistants go through a rigorous interview and vetting process, we recommend that you first establish a working relationship with your VA so that you feel comfortable before you share this type of information. Treat your VA as you would a new employee and build up trust as you get to know them better. If you do decide to divulge confidential information, do it methodically and one step at a time, and we recommend that you use a secure sharing system for passwords and credit card information, such as Lastpass.

    How can I protect my company information?

    All our Virtual Assistants sign an extremely strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) protecting your information and intellectual property. In addition we use Bitrix24 Cloud software and cloud storage to ensure your data is securely stored and not stored locally on the Virtual Assistants computer.

    Links: Terms of Use / Privacy Policy / Request Stored Information

    General Questions

    What can my Virtual Assistant do?

    We have specialist skills groupings like, Project Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Bookkeeping and Executive Support. The bigger question is where do you need the most help? We will start the process with an Interview where we will get to know your requirements better, after which we will match you with a shortlist where you can decide on none, one or multiple VA’s to provide you with the full range of skills you need to grow your business your way. Please see our Areas of Assistance or our About Us page.

    How do I get assigned my Virtual Assistant?

    We start this journey with a digital coffee, or one-on-one chat. We first have a chat to understand not only your business needs, but also your personality type requirements. Success in remote working is more than only skills, you need to be able to work well together too. Once we fully understand your needs, we will select a shortlist of professional Virtual Assistants where you can review their profiles prior to the live interview series. All of this to ensure you have the right Superstar before you commit to signing up with us. Our On-Boarding process is simple, fast and really efficient. We will have you up and running in no-time. Contact Karen directly to setup a chat.

    How does VA Connect screen the VA's on the team?

    We have multiple and vigorous screening processes. We start by doing 3 different personality and aptitude tests, where a personal interview with either Karen the CEO, or our Head of Department will follow. Upon a successful interview, a series of training courses is mandatory, to test and verify skill-sets and to up-skill where required. After a certain score is achieved and all skills are verified the prospect Virtual Assistant will be placed in a pool of per-qualified professionals. We only allow highly-skilled professionals to join the VA Connect team. They should be passionate about remote working and should have the internal drive to go above and beyond and an innate sense of service and duty.

    Do you train your VA's?

    Our vigorous on-boarding and development program ensures our Virtual Assistants are well trained in most required business aspects, online software packages and online technologies available. The Virtual Assistant assigned to your account will be a highly qualified professional, however, you will still need to train the VA on business specific requirements  and procedures. We have a business process blueprint option available if you do not have a SOP or written manual in place.

    Can I use multiple VA's?

    Yes. We have designed VA Connect to help you grow your way. Our goal is to become a fully operational extension of your business. You can get Executive support, Marketing support and a PM to help you where you need it most. You will have immediate access to the whole VA Connect team and the skills of our sister company Karmak Creative our very own Digital Agency.

    Do my VA's work on weekends and holidays?

    We by rule expect our Virtual Assistants to provide support during business hours, Monday to Friday, however, should occasional “over-time” be required, it can be arranged upon special request.

    Do you provide back up when my staff is away?

    VA Connect has over the years developed a finely tuned “Stand-in and Handover” process to ensure business continuity should your superstar prove human and fall sick or go on vacation. We will use our pool of skilled professionals to ensure a great fit for your stand-in or replacement Virtual Assistant. Have a look at our team here.

    How quickly will my VA respond?

    Our team is expected to respond within 2 hours during business hours and by the next business day for after hours or weekend engagement. We do suggest that you and your VA discuss and manage response and delivery expectations when you start the relationship to best find a suitable path to success.

    Can I assign a company email address to my VA?

    Yes, absolutely. Our system allows for your Virtual Assistant to connect 3rd party emails to her profile on our business back-end system to ensure continued and track-able communication and workflows.

    How does my Virtual Assistant track time?

    Your Virtual Assistant has an online clock-in and clock-out system that allows for detailed task and time record keeping.

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