Want to join our team as a
Virtual Marketing Assistant?
Want to join our team as a
Virtual Marketing Assistant?

You are almost at the gate of real work life pleasure and balance.

VA Connect offers great opportunities for those wishing to join our team of the #WorldsGreatest Virtual Assistants.

We have our own in-house VAVarsity to help you further up-skill yourself and stay on-top of the VA world, and it is free for all our team members.

If you believe you are the Best, and you want to join the Greatest team in the world, start your journey below.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our always growing team.

Below is the first “hoop”
Let’s see if you have what it takes.
Below is the first “hoop”
Let’s see if you have what it takes.

We are delighted that you would like to join our team as a Virtual Marketing Assistant!
We are proudly Africa’s largest and most successful managed virtual assistant agency and our #2030 vision is to be the #WorldsGreatest is in full swing.

Virtual Marketing Assistant Job Description: 

Are you an experienced digital marketer who can create successful digital campaigns that engage, inform, and motivate?

Do you have the experience and knowledge to expertly plan and manage marketing campaigns using SEO/SEM, marketing databases, email, social media, and display advertising?

Do you have significant experience with Google Analytics and other marketing tools similar to Hubspot, Hootsuite, SocialPilot and Unbounce?

Is your ability to analyse and use data to drive decision-making one of your greatest strengths?

Do you want to use your skills to help companies reach their ideal clients in a variety of sectors?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading!


Essential Functions – Primary duties of the position

  • Set, plan and implement social media and communication campaigns and strategies
  • Provide engaging text, image and video content for all social media and professional accounts
  • Respond to customers in a timely manner
  • Monitor, track and report on feedback and online reviews
  • Organize and manage events to boost brand awareness
  • Coordinate with Marketing, PR and Communications teams 
  • Liaise with Development and Sales departments
  • Respond to customers in a timely manner
  • Build relationships with customers, industry professionals and journalists
  • Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends


Required Skills – Competencies – Qualifications

  • Natural communicator
  • Enjoys people and naturally engages with people digitally
  • Good listener
  • Professional
  • Positive attitude and enthusiastic
  • Proven work experience as a community manager or similar role
  • Experience planning and leading community initiatives
  • Ability to identify and track relevant community KPIs
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentations skills
  • Hands on experience with social media management
  • Ability to interpret website traffic
  • Knowledge of online marketing 
  • Attention to detail, critical-thinker and problem-solver

We work as follows: Your CV (PS. If you don’t have a CV you can export your LinkedIn profile.) and application video plays a huge part in our interview process. CVs can say one thing, however, there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ fashioned video to give us the best idea of you, of the breadth and depth of your skills, aptitude and attitude. Once we have received all of this we will ask you to join our Recruiter on a Zoom call for a bit of a chat. This will give you an opportunity as well to better understand us and our processes and to identify if there is a synergy. If all of this fits in we will place you on our potential VA list.

Once we receive a client RFP, we will revisit all CV’s and application videos received to identify the best suited VA for that particular account. We believe in matching the VA as closely as possible to the client, as you do become an integral part of their team, so it is important for us too that both parties get along.

Should you be chosen for that particular account a consultant form and NDA will be sent to you.

We will first need to on board you before doing formal introductions to your client.

We would like you to read this blog written by our CEO, Karen, so that you may better understand how we work and also how the VA world works, especially if you are new to the concept.


Please take note of this important info to enable you to have a smooth onboarding experience with us.

1. Do not close this form until you have completed the whole process. Keep this tab open while completing the personality tests which will open in a new tab for you to complete.

2. Download and save the results so that you can easily upload it when requested to do so at the bottom of this form.

3. Please try and be as comprehensive as possible when uploading the requested information as this makes it easier for us to match your particular skill set to an appropriate client.

4. Your video application is of paramount importance as this “face-to-face” gives us a good sense of you. In your video please do tell us where your skills and passion lies, where you see yourself in 5 years and also share something with us that we won’t find on your CV or LinkedIn profile. Videos not to be longer than 2 minutes. Please create a free account on Loom and send us the video link : https://www.loom.com/ 

Remember to have good light when recording your video, look directly into the camera and be yourself 🙂

Kindly complete the information requested below to allow us to successfully add you to our Database of Potential VA’s.

Once we’ve received ALL this info we can move onto the next step.

We appreciate your time and we look forward to getting to know more about you!

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