Overwhelmed by admin tasks? A real estate agent virtual assistant can handle them for you. From scheduling to client follow-ups, they let you focus on closing deals. Discover the top services for 2024 and their benefits in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Real estate virtual assistants help manage many tasks, from administrative duties to complex real estate transactions, enabling agents to focus on closing deals and growing their business.

  • Key benefits of hiring a real estate virtual assistant include increased productivity, cost savings, and the flexibility to scale services according to business needs.

  • Top real estate virtual assistant companies in 2024 include VAConnect, Zirtual, and VirtuDesk, each offering specialized services to support real estate professionals effectively.

10 Best Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant Services in 2024

Real estate agent virtual assistant services

Virtual assistants have become essential companions for real estate professionals. An accomplished real estate virtual assistant can act as a powerful engine driving your business, skillfully handling everything from the intricate details of various transactions to routine administrative duties within the realm of real dynamic. They’re not only about efficiently completing day-to-day admin tasks, but also about cultivating and maintaining client relationships. As we move through 2024, elite virtual assistant services differentiate themselves by combining industry-tailored expertise with experienced virtual assistants who utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure smooth operation in every aspect of real estate management.


Embarking on the quest to find the perfect virtual assistant services for your real estate business can seem overwhelming. The multitude of choices available poses a challenge: selecting the ideal ally to bolster your operations in real estate. Consider this guide as your navigational tool, pointing you towards the clarity you need.

You are about to acquire profound knowledge regarding both what a virtual assistant is capable of managing and their substantial advantages—wisdom that will equip you with the capability to choose wisely, ensuring that it harmonizes with the aspirations of your enterprise.

What is a Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant specializing in real estate transforms the workload of agents and brokers by managing a wide variety of tasks from afar. Offering assistance that spans simple administrative duties to more intricate challenges, these adept individuals enable real estate professionals to focus on deal-making and expanding their operations through support services rendered virtually.

Engaging with a real estate virtual assistant goes beyond enlisting aid. It involves forging a partnership with an experienced VA who is dedicated to aiding your triumph within the competitive realm of the real estate market.

Key Tasks of Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistants

Calendar management for real estate agents

Virtual assistants in the real estate domain are adept at executing numerous crucial tasks that ensure smooth operations within a real estate business. They can take on various responsibilities such as:

  • Project management

  • Property management

  • Performing administrative duties

  • Generating leads for new clients or properties

  • Managing social media platforms to engage with the audience and promote listings

  • Handling email correspondence and managing calendars to organize appointments effectively

– Maintaining databases which include client information, property details, etc.

Conducting market research to stay ahead of industry trends.

Using their combined expertise in administration and knowledge specific to the field of real earth work diligently behind the scenes. This allows agents more time and energy to dedicate to core activities like sales.

Virtual assistants have established themselves as critical contributors by managing these multifaceted roles within a hectic environment, consequently ensuring seamless functioning across different departments of a firm dedicated toral estate services.

Calendar Management

Virtual assistants excel in the realm of real estate by mastering time management on your behalf. They take charge of calendar coordination, meticulously scheduling appointments and arranging property viewings to guarantee that your schedule operates seamlessly.

Consider a real estate VA as a dedicated account manager for your itinerary. They focus on managing the arduous duties associated with organizing your agenda, thereby allowing you more freedom to concentrate on nurturing client relationships and finalizing deals.

Email and Schedule Management

A virtual assistant specializing in real estate can effortlessly manage the onslaught of your inbox. They are skilled at:

  • Sifting through irrelevant information

  • Nurturing client relationships

  • Maintaining an orderly email system

  • Keeping your calendar running smoothly.

The expertise of a real estate virtual assistant extends to social media management, significantly enhancing your marketing activities within the real estate sector by maintaining active engagement with clients across various online channels.

CRM Management

Maintaining the heartbeat of a real estate business, its CRM, requires the skill of an experienced virtual assistant. Through diligent data entry and adept database management, this professional guarantees meticulous tracking and cultivation of every lead, client, and deal. Consequently, your real estate marketing endeavors become a formidable force perfectly in sync with your company’s goals—all driven by a virtual assistant who is as committed to achieving success as you are.

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant

Increased productivity with real estate virtual assistants

Partnering with a real estate virtual assistant can significantly enhance your business by:

  • Boosting your productivity levels

  • Cutting down on expenses

  • Granting you tranquility

  • Allowing you to concentrate on the core task of selling properties

When you delegate an assortment of duties to a committed executive assistant, it revolutionizes your methodology within the realm of real estate.

We shall delve into the foremost advantages that underscore why engaging virtual assistants is an astute strategy for any practitioner in the field of real estate.

Increased Productivity

One of the most significant advantages offered by a real estate virtual assistant is the liberation of time. By handling both administrative duties and marketing efforts, which typically devour your daily schedule, they empower you to focus on endeavors that truly impact revenue generation and business expansion.

The proficiency of a virtual assistant in juggling various tasks enables you to operate on your business rather than getting bogged down working in it, thus unlocking extraordinary productivity levels.

Cost Savings

Smart business management is fundamentally anchored in cost efficiency, and making the strategic move to employ a virtual assistant can be instrumental in realizing this goal. By enlisting virtual assistants, you are only charged for their services without the burden of extra expenses that come with full-time staff members. The benefits to your bottom line can be seen not only through the reduced hiring costs associated with virtual assistants, but also from savings on additional office space requirements.


The growth of your real estate business brings with it changing demands. To accommodate these shifts, virtual assistants deliver scalable support that can be intensified during busy seasons and reduced when the market slows down. This adaptable approach keeps your real estate operations performing at their best while also mitigating the economic pressures associated with constant staffing levels.

Top 10 Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant Companies in 2024

Top real estate agent virtual assistant companies in 2024

Selecting the most suitable virtual assistant company is crucial for obtaining the benefits mentioned earlier. As we approach 2024, a variety of companies distinguish themselves through their outstanding services and commitment to real estate professionals. Offering specialized assistance that spans from lead generation and marketing strategies to comprehensive transaction coordination, these firms are essential.

The following list presents the top 10 virtual assistant real estate firms defining excellence within the real estate industry.


VAConnect stands out in the virtual assistant domain, blending the bespoke care of a smaller enterprise with the comprehensive services typical of a bigger company. Their crew is proficient in administrative duties and equipped with technological expertise, making them perfectly matched for real estate professionals and C-level executives who are in need of an experienced virtual assistant to optimize their day-to-day activities.


Zirtual offers a notable team of US-based virtual assistants, each boasting a college education and an array of diverse professional experiences. This skilled workforce combines exceptional customer service with administrative support capabilities and marketing expertise. They provide various pricing plans starting at the competitive rate of $549 monthly for 12 hours of committed assistance.


VirtuDesk specializes in serving the real estate industry with virtual assistants skilled in handling administrative tasks, managing social media, and generating leads. Starting at a monthly rate of $254 for 20 hours, customers are offered tailored support from virtual assistance professionals who have a deep understanding of the intricacies within the real estate market.

Summit VA Solutions

At Summit VA Solutions, they offer a tailored range of services specifically designed for the distinct demands of real estate experts. The firm provides an extensive array of virtual assistant services such as social media management and lead generation. With packages starting at $1500 monthly for a 40-hour workweek, they deliver support that meets executive standards to their clientele in the real estate sector.


Transactly offers an exceptional service tailored to real estate agents, providing dedicated transaction coordination and administrative support. For a monthly fee starting at $49, agents who handle 1-3 transactions annually can access a specialized software platform designed to simplify the transaction process from start to finish, proving essential for those in the real estate industry.

Task Bullet

Task Bullet provides a virtual assistant service that is cost-effective and includes thoroughly trained personnel proficient in various real estate tasks. They specialize in administrative support and transaction coordination.

The virtual assistants at Task Bullet are well-prepared to meet the requirements of the real estate industry, enabling agents to concentrate on their principal duties.

Elite Virtual Assistant

Elite Virtual Assistant provides an extensive array of services catered by virtual assistants, encompassing tasks such as:

  • Managing social media platforms

  • Crafting marketing materials

  • Executing administrative duties

  • Offering customer support

  • Performing data entry operations

  • Conducting research

The company not only delivers these virtual assistant services, but also upholds a commitment to diversity and equity. They boast a capable team that meticulously adapts their offerings to meet the unique requirements of each client they serve.


ShoreAgents provides proficient virtual assistants who possess a comprehensive knowledge of the real estate sector. These assistants are available 24/7, delivering essential support to real estate agents whenever required. This constant availability greatly enhances both client relations and the efficiency of operations within the industry.

Virtual Gurus

Renowned for its rigorous quality control system, Virtual Gurus ensures that the virtual assistant services provided are of superior standards. With a multi-tiered review process culminating in a project manager’s final evaluation, they offer exceptional support tailored to meet all your requirements in real estate.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant Service

Choosing the right real estate agent virtual assistant service

Choosing an ideal real estate virtual assistant service is a crucial decision with enduring effects on your business. It requires you to analyze your unique requirements, scrutinize various pricing plans, and consider the proven history of prospective services.

Now, let’s explore how to approach this choice methodically to identify the virtual assistant that will optimally enhance your business tactics.

Assess Your Needs

Prior to initiating your hunt for a virtual assistant, it is crucial to evaluate the specific requirements of your business. Whether you’re in need of an individual adept at managing social media or someone who can assist with personal duties and engage prospective clients, understanding these needs is essential. This assessment will aid in selecting a virtual assistant that can smoothly blend into your existing workflow and address any deficiencies within your business operations.

Compare Pricing Plans

When you’ve established what you require, the next step is to examine various pricing plans for virtual assistant services. Costs can vary significantly, with some options starting at a modest $220 monthly. You should weigh up cost-effectiveness against the level of skill and range of services provided to ensure that your investment yields worthwhile returns.

Check Reviews and Testimonials

The reliability and quality of a virtual assistant service can be profoundly indicated by their history of performance. By examining reviews and testimonials, you gain an understanding of their previous work and the caliber of customer care they deliver. Search for continuous, first-rate support that resonates with your company’s values and goals.


Navigating the world of real estate virtual assistants can be complex, but the rewards are clear. By choosing the right virtual assistant service, you can boost your productivity, save on costs, and scale your operations with ease. With this guide, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision that will empower your real estate business to thrive in today’s competitive market. Take the leap and let a virtual assistant transform the way you work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific tasks can a real estate virtual assistant handle?

A virtual assistant specializing in real estate is capable of managing a variety of administrative duties, including the organization of calendars and emails, overseeing CRM systems, updating social media platforms, conducting market research, and gathering client feedback. Such support functions serve to optimize workflow efficiency and enhance overall satisfaction among clients.

Are real estate virtual assistants cost-effective compared to hiring full-time employees?

Indeed, employing virtual assistants can be a more budget-friendly alternative to recruiting full-time staff as it enables you to circumvent expenses related to physical office requirements and employee benefits while ensuring that payment is made solely for the actual hours or specific tasks they have accomplished.

How can a virtual assistant increase productivity for real estate agents?

Engaging a virtual assistant in the real estate sector can boost an agent’s efficiency, as they take over mundane duties, thus freeing up the professional to concentrate on crucial tasks like attending client meetings and finalizing transactions.

Can I scale my real estate business with the help of a virtual assistant?

Absolutely, employing a virtual assistant can be instrumental in expanding your real estate business. They provide adaptable support that you can tailor to suit the fluctuating demands and workload of your real estate operations, all while avoiding the inflexible expenses associated with hiring a full-time staffer.

What should I look for when choosing a real estate virtual assistant service?

Seek out a virtual assistant provider that aligns with your commercial requirements, presents cost-effective rates, boasts commendable testimonials, and delivers the requisite expertise and dependability.

Doing so will assist in making certain you select an appropriate service tailored to your real estate needs.