Imagine a house filled with friends and family. Filled with love and laughter. A fridge full of food and a big Christmas tree and under it a whole lot of beautifully wrapped presents.

That sounds wonderful right?

Well the reality is that there is a house filled with people, some family, some not, who have fallen on hard times and life has given them a bit of a beating.

The fridge is lean and so are the cupboards, but the upside is that they have a place to sleep and call “home” for a while. Or at least until life decides they have had their run of bad times and are ready to be rewarded and start over again.

Another plus is that the children in this house will have some gift to look forward to on Christmas day because the angels that are in charge of this house have made sure that there is some joy this festive season.

This house is called The Angel House and it is run by The Table View Angels.

Who are the Angels

The Table View Angels are an NPO who have been involved in my community for many years. They have recently (after a lot of blood, sweat and tears) opened the first safe house in the area. This house allows families and individuals who have found themselves in a downward spiral to have a safe haven, a space to come up for air and to start focusing on starting a fresh.

The Angels believe in a hand up instead of a hand out and provide many services to those who are needing it, from food for a month just so the single mom can get back on her feet, through to a job portal WhatsApp group. Through this group many have found their new jobs which have led to their new lives – best of all – some of these once helpless and hopeless people have come and pledged their support to the Angels by helping with fundraisers, donating money themselves or just packing the weekly food parcels.

So how have I assisted the Angels?

So you may wonder, “Have you actually done anything to help this amazing organization?” Well yes I have – and this Christmas I intend to give even more.

I am by no means a very wealthy person however I know, just like many of us, I have things that truly are just taking up space and can be put to better use by people who need it.

This is why, in the past month after moving, I donated 7 black bags filled with clothing (men’s, ladies and kids), and specifically to the Angel House where I know there are many families. I also donated some furniture.

For Christmas I am clearing out toys, and getting my eldest son, who is 6, involved and will get him to help me deliver them to the house too. This for me is important as it teaches him to be grateful for what he has, to give without conditions and to help put a smile on another kid’s face (which I know will put a smile on his).

As I too have had hardships in life and being helped by others, I will continue to try and assist and give to The Table View Angels as well as various other organisations within the area – because it only takes one small change to have a big impact on someone else’s life.

Lastly – my motto is to give without expecting to receive. This will send positive vibrations to the moon and back and before you know it – you too will be blessed.

Happy Holidays and Happy Giving With Love!