Having worked from home as a Virtual Assistant during the national lockdown, I have been locked in mortal combat with my fridge and snack cupboard.   From this point on they will be known as Enemy Number One.  We have been locked in an all-out war that shows no sign of stopping.  Day in and day out we lock horns and do battle.

Hold on let me back up a bit.  I have two clients that I work with.  The one client requires me to stretch my grey matter on a daily basis.  I have a small open plan home and my work is done at the dining room table every day. The Enemy is situated about ten meters away from my workspace.  Now all my life I have been told that in order to have a healthy brain, you need to feed your brain.  I am convinced that the Enemy has been listening to my conversations and is using psychological warfare to win at all costs.


Across the enemy line

I mean it seems to know just before the hour strikes for me to sit down at my desk and work.  It uses the firing up of the computer as a call to draw up arms and strike.  Battle lines are drawn, and just before I log on for the day it fires the first shot, ringing in my ears that the grey matter needs to be fed.  On many occasions I have fired up my computer about twenty minutes earlier as I am almost convinced that I will lose the battle for the day and put my hands up and walk across the Enemy line.

 Once the Enemy has won that battle and has me in its firm clutches, it does not stop there, it continues to torture me.  You see standing there in front of the Enemy, I have a choice to make, do I open the fridge door to get something healthy like a fruit and a glass of water, or do I open the snack cupboard for something sweet and tasty like a rusk and a cup of coffee.  I mean how cruel can it be, psychological warfare at it’s very best I tell you!


How to outsmart the Enemy

Knowing that this daily battle will happen, I have realised that I need to stay fit, not only to help my grey matter and keep me strong but also to try and outsmart the Enemy.  There are days when willpower wins the day and I am able to ignore the constant sounds of the Enemy trying to lure me into battle, on those days the Enemy is defeated, however when this happens, the Enemy normally intensifies the battle to see how strong I really am.


Character building

Being a Virtual Assistant during lockdown is not for the faint hearted, it builds your character up to become competent and strong and tough as nails to outwit and win against your Enemy each and every day.

Tell me, do you have an Enemy in your kitchen?