Are you using these great tech apps to simplify your life?

What’s the one thing that you carry with you at all times? Your Smart Phone of course! With huge advancements being made to connect us at any time, everywhere, it’s now easier than ever to run your business from anywhere in the world.

In order to simplify your day and to stay in touch with your team you will need at least one of the following tech apps to hack your day to success.


This is probably the most common tool used by business owners. This is a powerful app that offers a secure and convenient way to manage data. The beauty of Dropbox is that all files sync automatically across all your devices. You can share files with clients and staff alike. Plus you can access these documents on your phone.


Trello is an amazing tool to track projects, keep lists and so much more. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and it’s easy to use with a drag and drop function. You can invite as many people as you like to share a board and collaborate with you. Trello has recently introduced a business version with a more secure data function. You can also integrate your other favourite tools with Trello.


Thanks to Slack you can delegate tasks to your team immediately, share thoughts on projects and upload files. You can invite your client to share just one channel on the team, so that the rest of the conversations and non-client documentation remain private. Slack is available on your phone and will ping you the instant you get a new message.

Dragon Dictation

This nifty little app turns your spoken word into text. So imagine yourself driving in your car and you want to send a quick message to your assistant. All you need to do is record your audible message and Dragon will send it in text form on your behalf. (Currently only available to iOS users).


Evernote provides one platform to make notes, organise them and present project ideas in a very systematic way. You can upload files, images, audios and videos on Evernote. It is a great “workspace” app that will keep all your thoughts organised in one place.

It’s really important to prioritize and meet deadlines in a non-stressful and organised fashion. With these apps you will not only stay on top of your game but get through the day knowing that you’ve achieved so much.