All in a day’s work for a Virtual Assistant

All in a day’s work for a Virtual Assistant

All in a day’s work for a Virtual Assistant

Starting your day as a Virtual Assistant can be pretty interesting, especially when you have a few clients with different expectations. The easiest way that I seem to handle this, is by:

Morning Routine

Having a mourning routine is imperative to any individuals, like they say, how you start your day, is how you end your day. So starting with a little gratitude while having your morning tea (I hate coffee, hehehe), can take you a long way 😃. I have started on a new journey of having tiny goals for myself daily, yes I have tried this before without any luck, but I have found an amazing program called the Daily Life Planner by Robyn Louise ( ) an inspirational lady / boss women all the way in Australia. I have been following her for a while and absolutely love the program 😃

This is followed by a little Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping to let go of unwanted blocks and centers me for the rest of the day, which allows me to connect with who I truly am and the purpose of my life / service I offer to the world.

Prioritize & Check emails

This is usually done before hand on this amazing program call Asana (mini project management tool), where it allows me to keep track of the all the activities, which I schedule with due dates as I am researching or following up on emails. I am an avid fan of Asana, as it allows me the freedom (& my scatter brain) to organize, so I don’t have tons of books or papers around all over the place (also helps with anxiety), knowing when is due at what time…. Blessing in disguise lol

Splitting time between clients and allocated work

This is where the juggling act comes into play, because on some days it can be smooth sailing and things go as planned, others, not so much. For instance, having to juggle between reconciliations (accounting) in the morning and creating content or doing market research in the afternoon, can take a tall on your brain.

Knowing when to separate numbers from design can be a tricky subject. So how can you do this? Simple, I create content when I am inspired, by something that I have watched or by taking a walk outside my “office” space. This usually does the trick and can be really helpful in the long run, strengthens my brain for my future success 😃

Exposure & Upskilling

A teacher once said this to our class, they can take away everything you have, but they cannot take away what you have learnt.

This has stuck with me since then, as whatever I learn or upskill at with working with different clients exposes me to a future skill that I can offer to the world. Allowing me to align my goals with the world.

For instance, after having run my own photography business for 7 years, I have learnt how to market to the right client, how to do the books for an SME and how to communicate with clients, all while project managing the tasks at hand. Fun, I know 😃

With my most recent clients, I have learnt about the coaching field, landscaping, information technology business and website design services, all which I have helped gain knowledge that can never be taken from me.

So from the wise words of Richard Branson, If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it…

All in a day's work for a Virtual Assistant

A Fitter and Healthier Me, This Is My Remarkable Journey

A Fitter and Healthier Me, This Is My Remarkable Journey

A Fitter and Healthier Me, This Is My Remarkable Journey

I would to share with you my fitness journey.

Before I start sharing I thought I would tell you a little about myself.

My name is Chantel Griffin and I am 47 years “young”. I am a mother to two stunning children, my daughter Melissa and my son Chad. I am also a grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter Mia.

I am a relatively healthy individual who has always battled somewhat with my fitness and weight, more so now that I am in my forties. In addition, I suffer from a condition called Fibromyalgia, which makes it more difficult for me to follow a fitness regime due to the pain that any activity causes me. I have chosen however to not let this illness ruin or rule my life. I have chosen to take the high road.

A colleague of mine, Tracey, challenged me at the beginning of December to incorporate into my walking schedule a little light running. I must say that I took this challenge by the horns and showed it who was boss.

I have managed to up my running skill to a total of 15 minutes on my 45-minute walk. I cannot state categorically that running is for me. I did have an amazing time though putting this challenge into practise.

This challenge has inspired me to be more proactive about challenging myself fitness-wise. I have registered to commence with a “Jenna Carmen 8 Week Challenge”. The challenge commences on the 15th of January 2018. I am SUPER excited to begin this new chapter of my life. Jenna Carmen has put together a personal health and wellness plan together for me, keeping my “limitations” in mind.

I have also dragged my entire family into this challenge, Melissa and Paul my hubby and a couple of colleagues at my place of work. Their excitement fuels my excitement to succeed.

Given the above I would also like to note that since commencing on this “challenge”, I am more focused and feel so energised to take on ANYTHING!!

Thank you again to Karen Wessels for putting forward this challenge to her Team and continually challenging us to be better individuals and to think outside of the box.

VA CONNECT has a team of VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS just waiting to be of service to you, to lighten your load! To FREE up some of YOUR time!

Contact Chantel Griffin on or VA CONNECT

If you are looking to hire a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

From Malls to Park Runs, Overcoming My Fear of Crowds

From Malls to Park Runs, Overcoming My Fear of Crowds

From Malls to Park Runs, Overcoming My Fear of Crowds

So Henrietta set me 2 challenges for December. The first was to write a blog about the flood and working whilst dealing with repairs and to get more than 500 words and have it in early, task one done, tick!  The second task was to conquer my fear of being in a large crowd.   I have a serious problem with being in a large crowd and having absolutely no personal space.  So, with the challenge set. December is the perfect time for crowds.  I decided that the shopping mall on Christmas Eve would be a good place to start.  So armed with my daughter and a large bag of courage I ventured into the seething mass of last minute shoppers at the Watercrest Mall.  After an hour of pushing and shoving and sizzled nerves, we ventured home with knocking knees to have a large cup of coffee and a mince pie.  Realizing that I cannot be defeated in this challenge, I decided that the Shongweni Park Run would be the next stop in my great adventure.  My reasoning behind this was fresh air, physical exercise and the ability to out run the crowds.  To my amazement there were more than 300 people ready to run.  Little did I realize that this 5km run would be fought out on dusty roads, bridges, paths, up hills, down dales and through water.  Much to my satisfaction I completed this part of the challenge, filthy dirty and relieved that I had finished the run without feeling hemmed in.  The gauntlet had been put down, 2 more park runs in large crowds to be completed before the 11th of January 2018.  I read on the Park Run website that they host a run on the Durban beach front every week.  So on 30th December I climbed in my car and headed down to the beach, my jaw dropped, there had to be at least 1000 people there.  Jostling into position the whistle was blown and off I set, striding out and chatting to lots of people along the way. It was not long before I found myself in the thick of the crowd and not feeling claustrophobic at all, who would have guessed! The highlight of my day was, after the race, when people were sitting on the promenade socializing, I noticed 3 elegant ladies sitting on their deck chairs wearing large hats and sipping gin and tonics, to my amazement they asked if I would like to join them.  I was very flattered but thought that an ice cream would be far better than a gin and tonic at 9am in the morning.  I have now come to the conclusion that I could handle crowds in small doses.  Not only has this exercise been beneficial for my well-being, it has also helped me maintain my weight over the festive season and paved the way for me to pick up my distance training once again.  Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone!

How To Best Utilise Your Virtual Assistant (VA) In 2018

How To Best Utilise Your Virtual Assistant (VA) In 2018

How To Best Utilise Your Virtual Assistant (VA) In 2018

The end of 2017 is around the corner and it has been a great year for you. People have started up a new business and things are looking good. There is one small snag, you are a jack-of-all-trades and sometimes the clients have had to take a back seat. Others have decided to go the VA route this year and are still a bit unsure of how it all works.

In this blog, I will point out how a VA can truly be an asset to your business. As I have mentioned before in previous blogs, the internet has taken the world by storm and is still growing by the day, hour, minute. Very few companies don’t have a website, email address or any kind of access to the internet. It is for this reason that the VA world is growing tremendously worldwide, and VA’s are becoming more efficient and experienced than ever.

So, back to 2018 and utilising your VA. Give the VA more tasks…but is it as simple as that? The relationship you develop with your VA needs to be open and honest with a clear understanding of the skills the VA has. The more tasks you give your VA the more your time is freed up to give your company the quality time it deserves. We are here to help you grow your business. In a nutshell, yes, it is as simple as that.

Below I have listed some skills that various VA’s have used to help businesses. If there is something a VA is unsure about, there are many platforms on the internet to upskill and give you the work performance that you require.


Client Correspondence

Web designer

Email Management/Filtering
Booking appointments with clients
Following up with clients.
Answering calls
Calendar Management
Keeping Dropbox and other cloud platforms up to date
Database building
Internet research
Hotel and Flight Booking
Transcription typing
Taking down minutes of meetings
Creating basic reports
Preparing Powerpoint presentations)
Set-up Social Media Accounts
Manage and update social media accounts
Manage your blog
Publish posts on your blog (content you provided)
Filter and reply to comments on your blog
Participating in discussion forums or message boards

Now that the festivities are over, and everyone is back to the grindstone, give your VA a call and get a complete understanding of their skills. Once all of that has been established start handing over the tasks that tie you down. The more you utilise your VA, the more you will want to utilise your VA and so the circle goes around. You will start reaping the rewards and benefits and a successful business will be all the proof you need. It will be for these reasons that before anyone has time to say Virtual Assistant, you will wonder how you ever got by without one. The Virtual Assistant World –  growing ourselves to help grow yourself.

The best uses for a Virtual Assistant this December

The best uses for a Virtual Assistant this December

The best uses for a Virtual Assistant this December

How to best use a Virtual Assistant this December? I was recently asked this question and was able to answer this question with a little bit of difficulty. Not difficulty as to what to say but rather as to where to start? What a wonderful time to be working with all the Christmas cheer going around!

I have a wonderful client, as we all do and he keeps me well busy during my days. But as with everybody, I am sure there is this pile that first starts small and through the year grows with stuff that still needs to be done but that we all just do not get to. So, December when the schools close is the perfect time for me to tackle that pile of work and finish it before the end of the year. Thereby starting the new year with a clean slate.

Also as my client is running a music school, there is a lot of admin for the children that occurs during the December month. Students with late payments that have to be sorted out and completed before the new year, students that have to be added or removed for the next year and also teacher assignments to be completed and confirmed before the new year can begin. Also not to mention the admin that goes with it. Then there are new registrations as well.

Another thing that I like to do is to send out Christmas cards to the parents of the children that I deal with the whole year and also not to forget the teachers that I work with so closely. Only something small to congratulate them on another year of teaching that was so well done as well as being able to work with them so closely and having the wonderful working relationship with them. This year especially with them being so kind and understanding in my time of need with me when I had a personal crisis. I must admit I am working for the most wonderful group of people, no family is the better word.

How to best use a Virtual Assistant this December? That can also be taken up by not your own client but rather a potential new client as well? The December time when everything quiets down and comes to an almost complete stop is the best time of the year to teach and train a new virtual assistant to work with your company and to be able to integrate seamlessly with your company in the new year starting in January with as little interruption as possible.

Also, the December time is family time and holiday time so a lot of people will be leaving to go on well deserved holidays. But for Virtual Assistants with clients that stay open the whole year, they do not have the luxury of having the client closing for them to be able to take the time off. In that case, the best way to use a Virtual Assistant this December will be to fill in as a temporary worker for a replacement with your client so that it can remain business as usual while you take your well-deserved break.

So the possibilities are endless on to how to use a Virtual Assistant this December the only limit is up to your imagination. I think the question should rather be Why not use a Virtual Assistant this December?

How to best use a Virtual Assistant this December

How to best use a Virtual Assistant this December

How to best use a Virtual Assistant this December

Are you already worried about not working this December and coming back to a pile of to-do’s?

December should be the time of Sun, Sand, Sea and most importantly Relaxation…

As a Manager or Executive this time of year is so important to wind down and de-stress, the last thing you need to be worried about is work. Rest assured if you take advantage of VA Connect and an awesome Virtual Assistant, worry won’t even be a word you would think of let alone use! You will actually have a Stress-Free holiday!

Go away, leave everything and have the peace of mind you need. All work will be done and tended to professionally and expediently keeping your clients satisfied and happy. While your away you can let your Virtual Assistant care for your customer care, emails, invoicing, data capture to name a few. You can even get your VA started on important items for the new year (an important presentation that needs compiling, a work proposal, etc) or even just catch up on admin that you couldn’t get through during the “silly season”.

Here are some more things a Virtual Assistant can do for you this December:

Attending to customer calls and complaints

Emailing customers and clients

Compiling spreadsheets

Compiling letters, meeting minutes

PowerPoint Presentations

Compiling and designing booklets or pamphlets

Data Capturing (Loading policies, capturing onto work systems, client information updating, etc)

Internet searches and compiling of information

Writing product descriptions for products being sold


Social Media Posting

Travel Arrangements (Virtual)

Transcription work

Capturing expenses and keeping a recon

Compiling the company Organograms

Organise & co-ordinate conferences from start to finish

Choosing and ordering gifts

Finding suppliers and ordering of stock

Using a Virtual Assistant in December will cut out the stress of just leaving everything alone until the new year. So, when you return from your holiday you won’t be stressed out on day 1 and wishing you never went away or were still away or never came back, you’ll feel organised and ready to tackle a new successful year.

Go on a stress-free holiday, leave your laptop at home, spend that quality time with your family that they deserve, they will love you even more for it.

Take a chance and let a Virtual Assistant make your life easier this December and who knows maybe into the future as well.