The world of the Virtual Assistant looks bright for 2018 – by Jennifer Botha

The world of the Virtual Assistant looks bright for 2018 – by Jennifer Botha

The world of the Virtual Assistant looks bright for 2018

The future of Virtual Assistants is looking especially bright for 2018 which will have abounding opportunities for those that have the skills that clients will be looking for.  We live in a fast paced world which is ever increasing due to the speed of technology development constantly moving forward at a rapid rate.

Skills That Will Make a Virtual Assistant Valuable and Sought After

A commitment to learning and developing new skills will setup a Virtual Assistant for long-term success.  The fields and options are abundant, so choice is plentiful.  Below is a list of five of these fields and some of the skills required in each of them:

Social Media Marketing

  • advertising
  • content planning and scheduling
  • graphic design
  • tracking analytics
  • profile setup and design
  • online community management

Internet Marketing

  • advertising and content marketing
  • landing page and marketing funnel design
  • keyword research
  • subscriber list management
  • affiliate management
  • customer support
  • online events co-ordinator and moderator
  • website analytics and tracking
  • new product launch management

Content Development

  • creation and editing
  • management and scheduling
  • publishing and search engine optimisation
  • tracking results
  • develop and manage content e.g. blogs, videos, articles, e-books, presentations

Online Business Development

  • business strategy and planning
  • set-up and manage systems
  • email management and calendar scheduling
  • accounts management and reports
  • team management

Technology Support

  • landing page design tools e.g. Leadpages, Clickfunnels
  • email marketing platforms e.g. Getresponse, Aweber, Infusionsoft
  • ecommerce tools e.g. Shopify, 1Shoppingcart, Bigcommerce
  • social media management tools e.g. Hootsuite, Edgar, Buffer

WordPress Design and Management

  • plugins
  • blog post set-up and scheduling
  • wordpress theme design and updates
  • security
  • project management tools e.g. Asana, Trello, Basecamp

There is so much to learn within each of these fields and many are interlinked which gives a Virtual Assistant a lot to offer clients.

If we just look at social media sites, there are many.  Facebook has become hugely successful and is one of the top sites used for advertising.  Targeting customers in a particular niche has become so fine tuned.  You can select by country, location, age and gender of your potential clients or customers.

The other big advantage of having so many different sites for various tasks available is that many of them provide free training webinars and even 30 day free trials.  There’s so much information to be found on Youtube which is also free.  All you need to do is ask “how to”.

Timeless Principles

Honesty, integrity and trust will always be essential principles, no matter how far into the future we look.  Customer relations and care have and always will be extremely important.  When a Virtual Assistant deals with a client’s customers, they need to remember the value of that customer to their client’s business. The customer is not always right, but they always need to be satisfied.

Adding a Virtual Assistant to your 2018-bucket list – by Henriette Howell

Adding a Virtual Assistant to your 2018-bucket list – by Henriette Howell

Adding a Virtual Assistant to your 2018-bucket list

Around this time every year, we start to think about our goals for the next year. Thinking about where we can improve, what we would like to achieve. For business owners it works the same, what we would like our company to achieve.

A new year, new goals… a VA can definitely help you scratch some items on your 2018-bucket list. By adding a Virtual Assistant team, you can focus more on the bigger things and let the VA do the smaller but still important tasks.

A few, literally a few benefits for hiring a Virtual Assistant;

  • More time on your hands – you can have more time to work on what you need to do; the bigger things you need to worry about and of course some extra free time.
  • Focus on inventing – Takes administrative work off your list, so that you can focus on creating value.
  • Not paying a fortune – a VA fits in with your budget, and time you need
  • Helping you getting more organized in a sufficient manner.

You don’t even have to wait until next year to start utilizing your Virtual Assistant.

You know after each December vacation we always struggle to get up and start the New Year, with all the new planning, getting up to date with everything you missed… who would be in the mood?

Well having a Virtual Assistant will help;

  1. VA’s can work during these vacation periods so that NONE of your work will be behind, so that when you start the year there is no backlog fall to fall upon.
  2. During this period when things have quietened down, your VA can help you re-organize your inbox, documents, review procedures and of course start the planning for your New Year goals, doing some archiving, and all those things we never have time for during the rest of the year.
  3. If you have a business that keeps running in December, your VA can help keeping you posted and keep your clients happy while you relax.
  4. Your VA can start organizing next year’s obligations such as TAX returns.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant this holiday season will not break your wallet because you will only have to pay for the hours rendered (depending on your contract). By shelling out a few dollars, you are giving yourself the luxury of extra time for yourself to spend with family and friends.

The best ways to utilize your Virtual Assistant for 2018 – by Deepti Jeram

The best ways to utilize your Virtual Assistant for 2018 – by Deepti Jeram

The best ways to utilize your Virtual Assistant for 2018

Every year, we set new goals with our business to reach new heights, new strategies to land those awesome clients that you so want to work with, the awards that you had your eye set on this year, the money you will be making by giving value to the world, the empowering belief in yourself that you can make it… Yes we all suffer from all forms of an anxiety, you are an entrepreneur after all, a business owner with a vision…

A few ways you can increase your value into the world is by having a virtual assistant, your sidekick, by your side, helping you to conquer those fears, fighting the negativity or just to bounce ideas of one another.

Working in a team can get you further than ever working alone, as you get more done, when you think outside the box and bounce ideas off one another. For example, stuck on which way your website should be designed, chat with your VA and see what ideas you can create together. Having a virtual assistant, means having a business partner with you in the business, as they also are in the same battles as you, in the game of war in business.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”

― Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

The more you are able to give back in your true state of being, the more you are changing the world for better, baby steps to the bigger picture.

Here are a few ways you as a value giver can change the world in baby steps, by hiring a Virtual assistant (your sidekick)

1. Clarity

The less mundane things you work on in your business, the more clearer you get about the critical work on hand, you get so clear on what it is that you offer, you automatically attract that ideal client in to your business. This gives you peace of mind that you know you are supported in everything you do.

2. Support

Support is crucial when you as a business owner is under pressure, it can make or break your business. With a virtual assistant, you have an individual that understands you and your business and can easily take away tasks that overwhelm you, so you can get clear on your goals and targets for the month / year.

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it. ― Simon Sinek

3. Marketing

Marketing is crucial to every company’s survival. Don’t believe me? Coca Cola have been in business for years, they have become a household name, they don’t need to market for the rest of their lives in business and people will still buy their products. Why do they still do it? As a reminder to people that are new, there is always someone in this world that doesn’t know they exist.

Social Media is a critical key component in your marketing strategy. Marketing to your “ideal client” on the correct platform can bring in tons of money into your business. This also comes in with brand recognition and brand awareness. People will “trust” you and your brand / company for the work they want done.

4. Financials

A mundane job in any business is bookkeeping, yet it’s one of the key critical areas in your business. If you don’t know where your business is financially, you will not know what or who is bringing in that moola, Hiring a VA that is financially qualified can be crucial, they can assist with day to day running of the invoices, collecting outstanding debt, working with the auditors / bookkeepers with information pertaining to your business.

5. Emails

Emails are critical part to any business, it’s your communication with the outside world, your link to your “ideal client”, to your suppliers. BUT this can be absolutely mundane and can be handed over to your virtual assistant to answer any emails, while you are on holiday or in a business meeting, so it doesn’t overwhelm you when you get back.

So the most amazing thing about hiring a VA is that you only pay for the time you use, NOT the entire month, saving you thousands each year.


Take a Stress-free Break this December

Take a Stress-free Break this December

Take a Stress-free Break this December

It’s the end of the year and many are wrapping up their work to go on holiday. But are you one of those business owners who just can’t seem to find comfort in leaving your office?

Some businesses need to operate during the festive season and perhaps yours is one of them. However, taking a break from work is essential if you want to be recharged for the new year. Your staff can handle the work while you’re taking a well deserved break.

If going on holiday gives you anxiety, don’t worry, it’s normal. The majority of business owners feel that everything will fall apart in their absence too! But what’s interesting is that research shows that this anxiety is unfounded. Most businesses operate just fine when the boss is gone.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that one can leave no processes in place and just go on vacation. It means that if there are processes in place and employees know them well, you shouldn’t have a problem when you’re away.

If you’re still experiencing anxiety over your business, why not hire a Virtual Assistant to oversee the work? This person will be your eyes and ears while you’re gone, giving you piece of mind that everything is okay.

She can manage your team, manage expectations and make sure deliverables are delivered on time.

If you need her to handle your email or social media accounts,  she can do it with ease too.

Why a Virtual Assistant?

VA’s are flexible employees who work remotely. This means that you can utilise them at any time of year especially when all your staff members are going on leave. VA’s are paid by the hour or per project,  saving you costs on hiring full-time staff.

If your business can do with some extra virtual help this holiday season, give us a call.

Hurry, December has already begun. Hire your VA today so that you can have a little break before the new year begins!

The Complete Beginner’s Guide: How to STOP Running in Circles by Carrinna Buthelezi

The Complete Beginner’s Guide: How to STOP Running in Circles by Carrinna Buthelezi

The Complete Beginner’s Guide: How to STOP Running in Circles

There are many different services or specialities that a Virtual Assistant can offer. While most Virtual Assistants work is clerical or administrative, there are other options that a Virtual Assistant’s role may also encompass:

Social Media – being familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn offers a Virtual Assistant the opportunity to manage their clients’ social media campaigns. This can be done by posting issues relevant to my client’s business needs, or blogging on their behalf, publishing articles so that followers can learn more about what my clients’ business can do for them.

Internet Research – enjoy surfing the web and researching information? Offering services as an internet researcher can be beneficial to growing any client’s business

Database management/Creation and Reporting – want to alleviate some of the necessary but time-consuming workload that every business encounters, then this is a perfect example of how you can help any small business. By creating and managing a database and handling over weekly reports to the business owner, I enable my clients to focus on improving their business performance.

Typing (copying and/or audio) – many business owners use a small recording device to keep notes of ideas or projects. Specialising in transcribing these audio copies into notes that the owner can review and action is another way I can enable my clients’ business performance

So, when a business ownerbusy executiveentrepreneurcoach, or consultant finds themselves doing the same things over and over again – then these are the first tasks they should delegate to a Virtual Assistant:

  • Organising your emails. Answering, filing, flagging for those that the client needs to follow-up.
  • Doing the bookwork. Data entry, invoicing, setting up automated payments, budget planning, cash flow management etc.
  • Social Media.Preparing posts, images, scheduling for my client, building their fan base/followers, commenting, sharing
  • Customer Communications.  Creating email campaigns, newsletters, sending out customer feedback surveys and thank-you cards
  • Travel arrangements. Bookings, reviewing, flights and accommodations (local and international)
  • Digital Marketing. Writing and scheduling blogposts. Website updates.  Researching syndication and backlink opportunities.  Google local marketing.
  • Researching trends, statistics, products, suppliers, target markets, PR opportunities.

By being able to offer these services to my clients, their business will grow as they delegate the details and focus on leading their organization to success.

Always remember if you can present the right first impression and then carry out the job/s needed as promised, you will then begin to build a strong a fruitful relationship which will benefit both you and your client.  And have time for a bowl of chocolate ice-cream at the end of the day.

How Noisli Can Help Your Productivity

How Noisli Can Help Your Productivity

How Noisli Can Help Your Productivity

Don’t you wish that you could be more productive? Apart from the countless articles online that say to change your environment, manage your time and block distractions, what other fresh ideas are there to maintain productivity?

Ever heard of Noisli? It’s a free sound and colour background generator that improves productivity and boosts concentration. With this tool, you can mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.

How and why sound affects our productivity

Most of us know that workout music can help us to exercise faster and longer, but what is it in the brain that gets supercharged?

The human brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons. These neurons use electric charges to communicate with each other. If you can imagine all these billions of neurons communicating with each other and sending signals, you can probably imagine how much electrical activity is going on in the human brain.

When graphed using medical equipment, doctors can test what happens to your neurons when it is stimulated by noise. This is called a brainwave pattern. Without getting too technical, a brainwave pattern has a cyclic, wave-like nature and measures how your brain responds to certain things.

Image: Ben Green Field Fitness

The alpha zone is where you want to be if you want to improve productivity. It’s the zone that promotes super learning, involves increased serotonin production and increases relaxation.

It’s important to note that it’s sound frequencies and not necessarily music that affects our brainwaves. To reach the Alpha zone, one must work on getting the correct sound frequencies.

How to use Noisli to reach the Alpha zone

Fortunately, Noisli is well created to reach the Alpha zone. You can select from their pre-created mix of Productivity, Relaxation or Random mixes. You can also mix different sounds and create your own environment.

Sounds include:

  • Rain,
  • Thunderstorm,
  • Wind,
  • Forest,
  • Leaves,
  • Water stream,
  • Seaside,
  • Water,
  • Bonfire,
  • Summer night,
  • Fan,
  • Train,
  • Coffee Shop,
  • White Noise,
  • Pink Noise, and
  • Brown Noise.

Other features:

  • Use the Timer for productivity sessions
  • Write with the distraction-free Text Editor

Get the Noisli tool today. For more productivity tips, tricks and tools, contact us today.

VA Connect is a Virtual Assistant service that takes the load off your shoulders so that you may focus on building your business. We have an array of VA’s available, ready to be your right-hand woman in your business. Whether you need an administrator to handle your email or someone to do other obscure things like planning a family holiday, we are here to help!