5 Easy ways to help you find great Clients for your Business

5 Easy ways to help you find great Clients for your Business

5 Easy ways to help you find great Clients for your Business

Are you struggling to find clients for your Virtual Assistant business? I know the market can be seemingly tough and it is an eternal question, where do I find new clients?

This question gets bandied around from one Virtual Assistant business to another. Maybe you’re not feeling so confident when it comes to sales or putting a marketing strategy together. I want to share a few tips with you that I’ve learned over the years which I know if implemented will assist you in getting new clients on board.

Remember these 2 important points :

  1. Marketing is pivotal to the success of your business.
  2. Are you making your target market aware of your business presence?

If you don’t have a strong working marketing strategy and you are not marketing yourself to the right market, then you are making it very difficult for yourself to be seen.

So what great tips can I share with you to increase your client base?

Hot tip # 1: Who is your ideal market?

If you don’t know who you want to do business with, then how will you possibly know how to market your service offering to them? If you know what you are passionate about and who you want to help then it is easier to find these clients.

Hot tip # 2 : Where does your market hangout?

Now you need to research where your current market hangs out, both online and offline. If you know where to find them, it’s easier to place your business in front of them so that they can sit up and take note.

Hot tip # 3 : What problems does your business solve?

Do you offer a unique way to solve specific business problems? Do you have expert skill sets to offer your clients that other Virtual Assistants don’t have? It’s all about what you can offer your clients and how you can make their lives easier.

Hot tip # 4 : How do you solve these problems?

Do you have expert methodologies that you have worked out yourself that you can solve problems in a unique way? If you have the expertise needed to do this then you set yourself apart from your competitors. Now is the time to show value to your clients, make them aware of your specialist skills.

Hot tip # 5 : Are you making clients aware of your business presence?

If prospective clients don’t know about you, how can they possibly hire your services? Are you regularly blogging about the value you bring and the problems you solve? Do you show up both offline and online where your clients hang out?

You can figure out your marketing strategy according to the research you’ve done, and you should have a process in place to solve certain problems for your clients. Once you have this figured out you’ve got yourself a rinse and repeat process! Congratulations on growing your business!

What are you favourite apps for being productive?

What are you favourite apps for being productive?

What are you favourite apps for being productive?

It wouldn’t be generalising at all to say that everyone wants to be more productive and therefore have more time on their hands.

You can Google articles on productivity and you’ll be astounded as to the vast number of hints and tips you’ll pick up.

At our small start up we’re integrating apps that help us become more productive all the time. We’ve put together our favourite list of productivity apps that truly help us in achieving our daily goals.

We know life can be hectic, so take 5 minutes to enjoy your cup of tea and go through our list of productivity apps. Some you’ll be very familiar with, others may be completely new to you and hopefully you’ll give us a high 5 for introducing them to you!


We absolutely love this app! It’s an instant messaging platform slash dropbox slash feedback portal all rolled into one. You can invite clients to certain channels to update them on projects and it’s a great platform to stay connected especially if you work with remote teams. As you’ve probably gathered we cannot live without this one.


Evernote is superb to keep all your notes organised and in one place. You can add comments to notes, share them with others, scan in all your slips to share with your accountant, keep your photos in a safe place, the list goes on. Plus, you can download it on your phone. Yay!


This app helps you with work life balance. You can organise your day with reminders, to-do lists, notes, schedule events and so much more. In fact this app has won awards! Integrate your calendar with Any.do and you’ll find that you can do life your way.


This app may not have a direct impact on your productivity per se, however, it is super to keep your passwords in a virtual vault. And if you’re anything like us, we have so many different sign-ins it helps keep everything organised and safe. If you are signing up new team members or need to give clients a client log-in, LastPass will send the log-in details without ever revealing the password to the recipient. Genius!


Dropbox has been around for a while and I believe will remain a firm favourite for a long time to come. Gaining quick access to essential documents from anywhere, sharing files with your teams and providing clients with certain data is so easy through this app. Use on your PC or phone, it’s quick and easy to download and install.

Hopefully you are already using some if not all of these apps to make your day more productive. Please share with us your list of favourite productivity apps!