Use Your Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Social Network

Those who use it know of its amazing benefits. Yep! Social media is Godsend for business. With features such as live videos and stories, businesses can increase their sales via social media networks.

Perhaps you haven’t tried using social media as a business tool because you’re not sure how to use it to generate business or you just don’t have the time. In this blog, we will teach you how to grow your social media network via a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants who specialise in social media are equipped with the strategies and tools to grow your following and to drive engagement on all your platforms. They know how to get people talking about your brand. They can also recommend which platforms would be suitable for your business.

Social Media Assistants also understand what type of content to publish and promote. Content that your followers will love and which will ultimately lead them to your store. They are often social media influencers themselves and have a large following on social media.

How to Use a Social Media Assistant:

  • Set up social media accounts. Your assistant can create your accounts for you and manage it. She can also design your logos, cover images and profile pictures.
  • Create descriptive profiles. Not sure what to add in your profile bio? Your assistant can come up with a compelling story.
  • Build a social media strategy. She can develop a strategy that can help bring in the followers.
  • Write posts for social networks. Your assistant can write compelling posts and publish them.
  • Edit content. If you are not comfortable with her writing your posts, you can allow her to edit posts only.
  • Perform a social media audit. To understand what is working and what isn’t, you must look at your analytics. Your assistant can analyse your data and put it in an easy-to-understand, readable format for you.
  • Research key hashtag conversations. By researching certain conversations, your assistant can find relevant topics to write about.
  • Engage with your audience. Your assistant can help direct your audience to the right place i.e. Website or store.
  • Participate in groups/forums. By participating in relevant conversations, your assistant can lead people to your website.
  • Run a giveaway or challenge. Giveaways are great ways to grow your accounts. Your assistant can manage the entire giveaway including shipping the prize to the winner.
  • Create and manage groups. If you want to create a community surrounding your brand, let your VA do this for you.