7 Effective questions to sign up the best clients

To run an effective VA business you need to understand your service offering, have confidence to deliver these services and know who your target market is.

Asking effective questions can eliminate alot of hassle and misunderstandings. It will also ensure that you are matched with the best clients for your VA business and skill level.

What questions should you be asking prospective clients?

I’ve put together this list of 7 questions which I hope will help make the process of signing up new clients more streamlined and efficient.

1. Tell me more about your business

With this question you are encouraging your prospective client to help you better understand their vision and services provided.

2. Where do you fit in the picture?

So here they will inform you whether they own the business, are a founder, or they manage a certain department.

3. Who is your target market?

By understanding who they are targeting and where will help you decide whether they are a good match for you, if it’s an industry you’re interested in and if you have the skills to fit the job.

4. What tasks do you need assistance with?

In this way you’ll determine that the prospect understands what you do and how you will fit into their workflow. Knowing this and approximately how much time they spend on each task will help you decide to continue with the conversation.

5. What are your expectations of the business relationship?

It’s all about managing expectations and ensuring that you both are on the same page. Again understanding what your prospective client will require of you will make it easier to ascertain that you’re a good match for each other and that you have the time & skill to complete the expected duties required of you.

6. Are you open to new solutions?

Discover what systems and software the client is already using. Does it align with what you know, and if not, are you prepared to learn to increase your skill level?

7. What is your budget?

Get all of the above information and based on your understanding of how long the tasks will take, the skill involved and how much the client is prepared to pay will determine how best to work with your new client. Perhaps they will be better served with a monthly retainer. Or if the work is minimal and ad hoc, time based rates will be best.


Before getting onto that call with your prospective client gather as much info as you can. Do research on their website and social media footprint. Try to get a good understanding prior to the meeting and be prepared.

I’ve found this system to work for me to sign up the most awesome clients! What processes do you have in place to get new business?