How to Optimise Your Virtual Assistant Business This Spring

Spring has arrived and as we know this is traditionally the time for spring cleaning.  Out with the old, in with the new, a good scrub and clean and we then have a fresh start to a new season.  We get rid of all the junk that we never get to, clean in all those hard to reach spaces, repack the cupboards, we rearrange the furniture and so on.  This should also apply to our Virtual Assistant business.  We get so busy working on projects and daily tasks and the clutter tends to build up so quickly if we are not careful and systematic in where we store files and documents.  That paperwork that keeps piling up, those little notes stuck here and there, and yes, also those computer sticky notes.  Things can also get untidy when working on several different tasks at a time and often with more than one client at a time.

Now is the time to take stock.  Schedule a time to clean up your desk, your computer and your home office.  This will freshen and brighten up your Virtual Assistant business, make you feel more professional, organised and could be your springboard into the coming months.

Here are a few simple things you can do which can make a world of difference:

1) Take a Snap Shot

When last did you change your profile photo?  This can so easily be done with your smart phone and look very professional.  Keep it updated so that if you do meet your client face to face or on a Skype meeting that they recognise you because you “match” your photo.  Go to all your social media sites and update your profile which really shouldn’t take long to do at all.

2) Up-skill Yourself

Have you taken any courses over the last few months or learnt a new skill?  Go and add them to your LinkedIn profile.  Regularly up-skilling oneself is a very appealing quality to potential clients as it shows drive, ambition and a keenness on your part to take on new challenges.

3) Clean up your computer inside and out

Do you know that your computer is contaminated with more germs than your toilet?  That is gross isn’t it?  Not a pleasant thought, but nevertheless true.  Find out from your computer dealer what is recommended to clean your computer and give it some well deserved TLC.

Get rid of the clutter in your inbox.  This is a sore point for me. Ever had that sinking feeling of inbox overwhelm? You’ve just got too many emails and not enough time?   There are some of those emails and newsletter that you just never get to but just keep on piling up.  You are most likely never going to get to them and instead of having to constantly be deleting them, just be done, stop wasting time and click UNSUBSCRIBE.  Yes you can!  It’s not against the law and you are not going to hurt someone’s feelings.  Guaranteed they do it too.  Sometimes you are going to have to say no thanks.   Relevant emails, deal with and place in a specified folder.  If a particular email is in a thread, keep the latest and delete the rest.  Ultimately, work out what system works the best and most effectively for you and stick to it.  That way you will avoid confusion and overwhelm in those times when the pressure is on.

4) Clear and Clean Your Desk

This can really make you feel great.  Get everything off of your desk and give it a good clean and polish.  Now you can start over by placing everything where you like them and perhaps add a new plant or desk organiser that catches your eye.  Get some new stationery.  Clean out those drawers and throw out that old stapler if it keeps on getting jammed.  You spend many hours at that desk, so spoil and indulge yourself a little.  You deserve it too.

5) The Freedom of a Mobile Office

Spring brings warmer weather, so why not take your office outside or perhaps visit that very enticing looking new coffee shop up the road?  You don’t have to be stuck working in one place all of the time.  Remember, variety is the spice of life.