COVID-19 one of the biggest things to hit us in 2020, who knows, it may be the only thing because it could mean a domino effect for anything else that may come our way once this is “all over”.

In South Africa, as in much of the world, lockdown is a reality that we are faced with until further notice. Because although there is a date in mind as to when it will end, the likelihood of it being extended is very possible.

Now as a virtual assistant working from home, being confined to my house (for lack of better wording) is not altogether new for me. However for other members of the family it is a tough pill to swallow some days.

So … how have we come this far without totally losing our marbles? I am about to tell you…. IN 5 STEPS!


Choose your battles

Plain and simple – we have NO CHOICE in the matter. We have NO CONTROL over this lockdown and any regulations that are put in place during this time. So, we need to roll with the punches.

I decided quickly that changing routine would be the best strategy for me and my family’s sanity. I had to let my ideal schedule fall by the way side and go with the flow because added stress of trying to keep everything “normal” would not be beneficial to anyone.

My house would not suddenly explode because we were no longer following a schedule to the T, so I gave it up. GOODBYE!


Find what works

I found that what worked for us was to try and be as understanding, as supportive and as crazy as possible. I let the kids do weird and wonderful things the first two weeks of lockdown. They got to go to bed a little later, they ate what they wanted and played till they could not play anymore.

For me, I almost feel the little ones are the biggest heroes here because they actually have no idea of the gravity of the situation. They cannot fully understand or grasp the concept of not being able to go outside to play at the park or be with their friends at school.

Yet everyday they try and just be their best selves, playing, having fun, laughing and sometimes pushing us to the brink of Bonkersville, but all the while they live for the moments, every moment, that they get to be with US as a family.

Hubby became one with his chair, desk and PC – and that is OKAY!

I of course carried on – BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL! Because as I said, for me, working odd hours and getting the job done through the day is fairly normal for me. The main goal being – GETTING THE JOB DONE AND KEEPING THE CLIENTS HAPPY!

Because just as it is difficult for us, it is difficult for many of them too.


This too shall pass

Even though my initial reaction to everything was to keep things more relaxed and less structured, eventually everyone seemed to just migrate back to the normal routine – and rightfully so because homeschooling has now become a new reality for us since a couple weeks back.

Besides that, I believe it is important that we realise that this won’t be life forever – well not fully any way. I am certain that life will never be the same, however we will integrate back into the world, slowly but surely, and we will carry on with our lives (hopefully with a new set of eyes and views).

Nothing is forever. Things change. And life goes on.


Give yourself a break

Let’s face it, times are tough, tough to the max and if you can get through these days without too many scratches, you are good to go and deserve a pat on the back.

So if it takes baking a banana bread every day, staying in your PJs for a week, drinking a raw egg OR binge watching Tiger King – then so be it! Just let yourself be.

For me, it has been sleeping more, reflecting more and just enjoying having my whole family all in one place for more than just a couple consecutive days. Safe, healthy and with me. All while still being able to work and earn money and put food on the table, (oh man for that I am eternally grateful).


So, what is the conclusion?

The conclusion is that we are only human and when faced with adversity or things we do not understand we can become defensive and lose the plot a little. But once we stop and realise that we actually have no control over the greater situation at hand, but that we can control how we react to it, and how we get through the tough times, everything starts to fall into place.

We start to adapt. We start to live our new reality and we get on with it.

Take this time to be more, do more and live more (even if you cannot leave your house), it is possible.

Onward and upward!