The beginning of the year is full of resolutions, good intentions and goal setting. It can be all too easy to let it all slide after the first month but with a little bit planning and time management, it can be made easier and much more achievable.

Here are some tips to help with your monthly goal-setting practices to ensure you keep your resolutions on track and to help you achieve your goals all year.


First day of the month planning session

At the beginning of each month, put some time aside to sit down and plan. Decide what you want to focus on for the month, write down your monthly goals and what you need to do to stay on track in order to meet your goals. If you have long term goals that need a few months, half a year or even the full year to achieve, write them down at the beginning of every month as a reminder.


Monthly, weekly, and daily focuses

Each month choose one main focus that is the most important goal to achieve in that month. It could be related to your personal life such as making more of an effort with friends, concentrating on a new hobby or work-related such as working on improving your business network. Make that your priority for the month to give it the focus it needs. That’s not to say, you should forget about any other goals for that month, but it helps to prioritize. You can also make weekly and daily focuses if required to help you meet any urgent goals.


Make your planner/calendar layout fun and attractive

Whether you work with an online planner or a written planner, keep it fresh by adding in backgrounds, colours and images. Change it each month so you don’t get tired of looking at it. You can even have some fun with little notes to yourself and motivational quotes for good measure.


Achievement tracking

Keeping track of what you have already achieved in preceding months is just as important as planning ahead. Write down your achievements at the beginning of each month to help you see and understand your progress.  Tracking your progress and being reminded of why you’re doing it is vital to staying focused and motivated.


Weekly check-in

Schedule a weekly check-in at the end of each week to track progress and to make any adjustments to your goals. What is working or not working and what can be done to keep your plan on track for the month?

Sticking to your new year resolutions and achieving your goals for 2020 is obtainable and just needs a small amount of planning and reflection time each month to help keep you on track and motivated as the busy year starts to take over. Good luck for a productive and rewarding year!