3 Things you can do in your business when your internet is down

3 Things you can do in your business when your internet is down

3 Things you can do in your business when your internet is down

Most businesses nowadays is internet based, so when your internet goes down it can be quite a challenge to say the least.

There are times this will happen and for the most part there is nothing you can do about it. Why not use that time productively whilst you wait patiently (so to speak) for your ISP (internet service provider) to give the all clear?

Relocating to the closest coffee shop is an option. However, if it’s not on the cards, what else can you do with this new found time?

#1 Re-strategise your business

This might be the opportune time to re-strategise your business. Grab a pen and paper and brainstorm new possible services or even re-align your current services. Devise possible upcoming promotions or define ways of streamlining your business.

Mind map your marketing plan for the next year, build your social media calendar with collateral or take the time to build a list of possible clients you would love to work with.

#2 Tidy up and Organise

Now’s your opportunity to take the time to tidy up your desk, re-organise your digital filing system. We know you’ve been putting it off, so now is the ideal time to take stock of what is on your computer, organise your desktop and even prepare your receipts sheet in time for the next tax year.

#3 Get writing

This is the perfect time to get writing. Start planning and writing your blog content for the next 3 months. Fortunately you don’t need the internet to do this. Or start writing that book you’ve been threatening to start the last 2 years. If there comes a point in your writing that you do require research, make a note and keep writing.

In conclusion

At those times when the internet is down, see it as a saving grace. You have now been given some breathing space to relax and to reassess your business, to reflect on how far you’ve come, to show gratitude for your many accomplishments that enabled you to reach this point. It’s an opportunity to make this time productive and your business better.

What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

One very important question you should be asking yourself as an aspiring or fully-fledged entrepreneur, is, how do I free up more time in my day?

By now you should be outsourcing all the little tasks that take up too much of your time and don’t have a direct impact on your bottom line. These menial tasks needs to happen, we know this. However, isn’t your energy and time as a busy entrepreneur better focused on developing marketing & sales strategies, on scaling your business and developing different verticals?

I want to highlight some essential tasks in this post that you can confidently hand over to your Virtual Assistant right now:

Task 1 : Data Sorting

This could be something as basic as capturing business cards onto a spreadsheet or a bit more involved like collating your emailing list with different categories.

Task 2 : Online Research

Perhaps you want a list of the best and most influential business books of all time. Or, you want to purchase an existing business and would like your Virtual Assistant to do market research on the feasibility of this business before you make an offer to purchase.

Task 3 : Proofreading

You could be churning out ebooks that it’s coming out of your ears as part of your marketing strategy. Get your VA to proofread these ebooks, looking for spelling and grammatical errors, checking that the document is formatted. She can even add your branding to the ebook.

Task 4 : Online Community Manager

You can hand over this task seamlessly to your VA. She will be responsible for updating your website content, managing all your social media accounts, writing content and giving you feedback in weekly reports.

Task 5 : Admin Support

This covers a broad spectrum from managing your diary to typing up voice notes, writing reports and presentations, and everything in between.

Remember, at the end of the day, you want your right hand person to make your life easier, create more freedom in your working schedule and a Virtual Assistant is the perfect person for this!