3 Things you can do in your business when your internet is down

3 Things you can do in your business when your internet is down

3 Things you can do in your business when your internet is down

Most businesses nowadays is internet based, so when your internet goes down it can be quite a challenge to say the least.

There are times this will happen and for the most part there is nothing you can do about it. Why not use that time productively whilst you wait patiently (so to speak) for your ISP (internet service provider) to give the all clear?

Relocating to the closest coffee shop is an option. However, if it’s not on the cards, what else can you do with this new found time?

#1 Re-strategise your business

This might be the opportune time to re-strategise your business. Grab a pen and paper and brainstorm new possible services or even re-align your current services. Devise possible upcoming promotions or define ways of streamlining your business.

Mind map your marketing plan for the next year, build your social media calendar with collateral or take the time to build a list of possible clients you would love to work with.

#2 Tidy up and Organise

Now’s your opportunity to take the time to tidy up your desk, re-organise your digital filing system. We know you’ve been putting it off, so now is the ideal time to take stock of what is on your computer, organise your desktop and even prepare your receipts sheet in time for the next tax year.

#3 Get writing

This is the perfect time to get writing. Start planning and writing your blog content for the next 3 months. Fortunately you don’t need the internet to do this. Or start writing that book you’ve been threatening to start the last 2 years. If there comes a point in your writing that you do require research, make a note and keep writing.

In conclusion

At those times when the internet is down, see it as a saving grace. You have now been given some breathing space to relax and to reassess your business, to reflect on how far you’ve come, to show gratitude for your many accomplishments that enabled you to reach this point. It’s an opportunity to make this time productive and your business better.

How to Create a Productive Home Office Environment

How to Create a Productive Home Office Environment

How to create a productive home office environment

I have come to learn that our environment really has a huge impact on our work productivity. I was once visiting my sister who has a six year old boy. My aim was to get my work done as per usual, but boy was I in for a big surprise! My nephew constantly disturbed my work. I ended up not getting through my to-do list that day. If you’re like me and need to get things done at home, these few tips might assist you in becoming more productive and having more control over your work environment:

1. Workspace

The first thing you need to consider is your workspace. If you’re working from home, consider using a room that is far from the TV room or lounge area. Any noise coming through to your office will likely be a distraction.

2. Equipment

The most frustrating thing is having slow internet connection or a slow computer. It can reduce your productivity significantly due to the waiting time. Ensure that you invest in good hardware and software to boost productivity.

3. Consider Feng Shui

Feng shui is “an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health, and happiness” (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/feng-shui)

Good feng shui means clearing clutter, having good air quality, having good lighting and using the right colors in your office. Consider adding a pot plant and rearranging your furniture in a way that best represents you.

You need to be comfortable in your own space. Put your favourite quote on the wall or a picture that keeps you motivated on your table. Keep it tidy and fresh at all times.

4. Spacing

Don’t have your laptop in one room and your printer down the hall. This will create a lot of distraction and reduce your productivity. In one of my previous work environments we used to have the printer in the hallway next to the kitchen. We found that employees would walk down to the printer and then lose track of time making coffee and talking to other employees. A short break is beneficial, but it is easy to get side-tracked when your resources are not all in one place.

5. Signage

Have you ever walked down a hall then saw a sign saying ’’Silence, test in progress”? What was your reaction? If you’re like me, you immediately kept quiet and made a conscious effort to keep the noise down.

Signs work. Have a polite sign at your door to remind those living with you to be conscientious that you are working.


If you follow these 5 tips you are on your way to getting more done in your day!

If you have any story or advice on how you have made your home environment more productive, please leave a comment below.

How to manage your time better

How to manage your time better

I was at a dinner last night and the topic of better time management come up. As entrepreneurs I know we’re always looking for ways to fit more time into our day.

At the dinner table some great suggestions were made on how we can utilise our time better. One of the guests, a fellow entrepreneur, says that he blocks off time in his calendar for tasks during the week. Almost like a checklist of what needs to happen and an estimation of the time it will take to complete the task.

Then these tasks are checked off upon completion, allowing him to be flexible on when he wants to achieve them in that particular week.

Plan to commit

Time management starts with your commitment to change. As each day passes you realise how busy life is, that you’re not getting to everything that you want to do.

Take action and commit to taking action on a daily basis. In order to achieve time management success you need to plan and protect that time that you’ve set out to do certain tasks. Great time management enables each of us to be more productive, more successful, more organised.

You wouldn’t miss an appointment with a client, so why would you miss one with yourself?

How do we go about managing our time better you may ask?

Here’s a couple of tips that will put you on the road to time management success.

Create a daily plan  therefore plan each day ahead of time. The best time I find for this is the night before. When I wake up in the morning I know exactly what is expected of me for the day.

Place time limits on each task – we only have so much energy to focus before our brains get foggy. Set out time increments of 40 minutes per task. This will allow you to remain completely focussed for that time period, and take a break before switching gears and tackling the next task.

Learn to say no – here we go again, the eternal mantra of learning to say no. How many times in the last few months have you read this golden rule? Quite a few times I’m sure. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Saying no is very empowering and gives you the opportunity to focus on tasks that you’re passionate about and that will make your business “wheels” go faster.

Prioritize – Learn to prioritize and let go of the rest. Apply the 80/20 rule. Spend 80% of your time on the 20% that brings in 80% of your income. Therefore don’t get distracted and fuss about unimportant details. Stick to the plan!


There is only so much time in the day. Spend that time wisely and even better spend your time on the things that bring you the greatest joy! Hint, this is where you get to test your delegation skills.

What are your tips to manage your time better? Please do share with us so that we may learn and grow together!