16 Reasons why you can relax this December

A Virtual Assistant can be your best resource to get tasks underway this holiday season.

By partnering with a Virtual Assistant you give yourself the gift of:

  • Saving time,
  • Saving money while making money, and
  • Getting things done.

Here are our top 16 suggestions why you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA) this holiday season:

  1. Handwritten cards are all the rage! Let your VA add that personal touch by writing your holiday cards and posting it
  2. Optimize your website / blog content for holiday related keywords
  3. Submit articles and press releases
  4. Plan your office party with expert assistance
  5. Design a catchy holiday newsletter
  6. Holiday travel planning
  7. Buy gifts for family and friends
  8. Management of your charitable donations and engagements
  9. Provide email support and keep your inbox from being too crazy upon your return
  10. Handle urgencies as they arise
  11. Keep your social media activity going
  12. Answer any client care questions that may come up
  13. If you’re a small business owner, we can cover for you so that you can get that much needed break
  14. Manage year-end inventory : many companies outsource to third parties at this time to help them out with the records
  15. Do product and pricing research
  16. Manage customer service / feedback and claims

To beat the rush you’ll want to hire your Virtual Assistant today!