5 Best YouTube channels to improve your life today!

I recently became a YouTube junky, so much so that I had to add it to my Stay Focused app so I don’t spend too much time on it during the day!  Sometimes it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole when you start looking for motivational and productivity channels.  Below I’ll share some with you that I have found helpful in quite a few aspects of my life.

  1. Amy Landino: Amy was one of the first people I’ve discovered when starting on my YouTube journey. She’s all about ‘going after the life that you want’ and her productivity and life hacks are awesome.  I especially love her calendar blocking method, it really does make a lot of sense and it’s easy to implement in your own life.
  2. muchelleb: I only recently discovered Muchelle.  Her productivity and motivational videos leans a bit more to your personal life than work.  What I love about her is that she is a minimalist in training.  So using the Konmari way she organises and declutters her life one cupboard at a time!  If you need some minimalism in your life, I can surely recommend her free program Konmari Journey – Life changing Magic of Tidying up .
  3. Jordan Paige, FunCheapOrFree: I love this channel. If you’re a parent then you’ll love it too.  Jordan has 5 kids and one on the way.  She’s a successful entrepreneur and homemaker. She shares anything from budgeting tips to how she prepares her kids’ lunchboxes.  She touches on some productivity and tips for running a successful business but that’s not her main focus.  She has a great energy and she really gets you up and going with enthusiasm.
  4. Evan Carmichael: Evan is all about motivation and success.  Sometimes I wish I could remember and apply everything in my life.  I love how he uses public figures and how they achieved success in their lives.
  5. Tony Robbins: Last but not least the dad of all motivational and self improvement programs.  You can’t help but get motivated and energized when listening to Tony covering everything from relationships to business advice. His life story is truly inspirational and his advice has helped thousands if not millions of people throughout their own lives.

Some of the other channels I’m following is Abbey Ashley from The Virtual Savvy, she shares tips and tricks specific to VA’s and Project Life Mastery which is very specific to business and how to make money online.  Something else you can find on my channel list are Liezel Jayne Strydom for some healthy meal tips and The Domestic Geek for some quick and healthy meal ideas when you don’t know what to cook.

You can find a video or a YouTuber on ANY topic that might interest you.  Find what you enjoy listening to most subscribe, load it onto your phone or iPod and next time you go for jog put something on and who knows, you might learn something new!