What drives me to be the best Virtual Assistant I can be

What drives me to be the best Virtual Assistant I can be

What drives me to be the best Virtual Assistant I can be

I’ve studied logistics for 4 years.  During that time, I already knew that I loved project and production management and knew what I wanted to achieve in life…… the goal was to work for myself on my own terms in this field.  While growing as student and young adult, I formulated the specifics of my goals. I became driven to provide client satisfaction and problem-solving methods to my clients so that they don’t have to deal with it themselves. I wanted to add value in such a way that clients should feel I am right there beside them, loving their product just as much. And them feeling satisfied with work delivered that they know they cannot do it without me.

I always wanted to have the luxury of a great home, amazing family, and being my own boss, but having all of this meant long days and sometimes nights and missing family time. I’ve always kept one thing in mind when the going gets tough, and it’s to succeed, building toward achieving my goals and having my own business. Easier said than done.  I’ve learned so much in the time being a Virtual Assistant that the qualities expected of me isn’t always the easiest:


Updating your client on work progress and reporting back when work is expected, answering emails and calls. It does not always have to be straight away but as soon as possible. Being professional in every matter even if you feel you want to shout!

Good communication skills

Try to meet work progress and timelines at all time. If you know you cannot deliver on time, update your client.

Time management

Working for multiple clients at once isn’t always easy but setting a good time schedule that works for all is essential. Use apps available to you to manage this effectively.

Adding value

Go the extra mile to succeed in the success of your business. There will be expected of you to do tasks that you would rather someone else do.  But this makes your client look up, notice and see.


Always stay professional even if you have a difficult client. The way you talk, and act plays a big role in how you present your business. Your business is you.  How you treat anyone in life is how you will treat your client.  If you lack this skill, start immediately with courses.  This is probably one of the biggest money adding value next to sales in your business. If you feel upset, take time to cool down and only then respond.


Providing the best work and keeping your eyes on goals can sometimes feel drained.  When feeling like this, do something that relaxes you.  Keeping your mindset positive and ticking off your achievements will feel like winning all the time.  Balance is not always possible in this line of work but burning out has never helped anyone either. Sometimes you will meet people saying it is not worth it…but these are the people usually sitting in a job that frustrate them.  At least I am doing something that I would love to do over weekends.  Probably why I can work for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and still be motivated.

Being resourceful

Being able to do whatever is expected and being able to do the work that you have never done before is always a challenge, and ALWAYS rewarding. Never have I thought I would like to do tasks required from Personal Assistants.  I am terrible at being a PA. And yet, my client always treated me with respect and consideration when I made mistakes.  That said, now I love handling tasks that are out of my comfort zone. Just imagine this, I have not moved to a new house in the last 14years, and last month I planned a move in 2 days, in another country!!!!!  And guess what, I freaked out and thought it impossible, but I made it happen.  So yes ladies, you can do it if you put your mind to it.

To bring it all together

Working, Building and learning to be a Virtual Assistant helped me understand what it was that I needed to do to have a successful business.  These goals became my life lessons:  Delivering quality work and excelling in my performance to become the best in what I’m doing. Setting my goals and working towards it, creating my own values and expectations of what it means to be a Virtual Assistant. Being confident when dealing with clients. Overcoming obstacles that might have been mountains in front of me but going through it meant yet another option to learn every step of the way.  Mind over matter!

How Noisli Can Help Your Productivity

How Noisli Can Help Your Productivity

How Noisli Can Help Your Productivity

Don’t you wish that you could be more productive? Apart from the countless articles online that say to change your environment, manage your time and block distractions, what other fresh ideas are there to maintain productivity?

Ever heard of Noisli? It’s a free sound and colour background generator that improves productivity and boosts concentration. With this tool, you can mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.

How and why sound affects our productivity

Most of us know that workout music can help us to exercise faster and longer, but what is it in the brain that gets supercharged?

The human brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons. These neurons use electric charges to communicate with each other. If you can imagine all these billions of neurons communicating with each other and sending signals, you can probably imagine how much electrical activity is going on in the human brain.

When graphed using medical equipment, doctors can test what happens to your neurons when it is stimulated by noise. This is called a brainwave pattern. Without getting too technical, a brainwave pattern has a cyclic, wave-like nature and measures how your brain responds to certain things.

Image: Ben Green Field Fitness

The alpha zone is where you want to be if you want to improve productivity. It’s the zone that promotes super learning, involves increased serotonin production and increases relaxation.

It’s important to note that it’s sound frequencies and not necessarily music that affects our brainwaves. To reach the Alpha zone, one must work on getting the correct sound frequencies.

How to use Noisli to reach the Alpha zone

Fortunately, Noisli is well created to reach the Alpha zone. You can select from their pre-created mix of Productivity, Relaxation or Random mixes. You can also mix different sounds and create your own environment.

Sounds include:

  • Rain,
  • Thunderstorm,
  • Wind,
  • Forest,
  • Leaves,
  • Water stream,
  • Seaside,
  • Water,
  • Bonfire,
  • Summer night,
  • Fan,
  • Train,
  • Coffee Shop,
  • White Noise,
  • Pink Noise, and
  • Brown Noise.

Other features:

  • Use the Timer for productivity sessions
  • Write with the distraction-free Text Editor

Get the Noisli tool today. For more productivity tips, tricks and tools, contact us today.

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How Do Entrepreneurs Become More Productive in their Businesses?

How Do Entrepreneurs Become More Productive in their Businesses?

How Do Entrepreneurs Become More Productive in their Businesses?

Ask any entrepreneur, the one thing that they wish they had more of is TIME. Time to meet more clients, see their loved ones more or go on a vacation. Sadly, many do not have the tools to get more done in their day.

Productivity is so important for every entrepreneur. It can be the secret to business growth. One successful company hired an analytical expert to measure productivity. He was tasked to design a system that executives could use to measure the operational effectiveness of all the company’s divisions.

When the results came out, it showed that none of the company’s divisions was efficient. Management then scratched their heads and wondered how is it possible that a company that generates billions in sales can show such low levels of productivity? A question, the expert could not answer. He was only tasked to measure the productivity levels and that’s all he did.

As you may have guessed, the analyst was fired and his system scrapped. But, what we learn from this example is that:

  1. A company may be successful in sales but have disappointing productivity levels
  2. Managers and executives are not quite sure how to measure productivity

How do we solve this?

The answer lies below. To help you become more productive, we’ve collected productivity tips from other entrepreneurs like you.

Define productivity

Productivity = units of output/units of input

Ironically, when asked, over 50% of entrepreneurs did not define productivity correctly. They would simply take a person’s time and weigh it against their tasks. What they do not consider is the complexity of the job at hand.

Say you’ve got a worker who spends 1-hour sending five emails, and you’ve got another worker who spends 30 minutes sending the same emails, you can say that worker B is more productive than worker A.

If we change the scenario and say that worker A develops a complex system which takes him 10 hours, whereas worker B develops a simple system which also takes him 10 hours, do they both have the same level of productivity?

Certainly not! Productivity must be measured relative to the complexity of the task.

It’s even more important to define productivity in a remote working environment because you’re not watching over your employees. If you need a Virtual Assistant to call 50 prospects per day for example, first identify whether an average person can complete this task before you can go ahead and measure productivity.

In addition, always tie productivity to an expense. If it costs you x amount to have a Virtual Assistant make calls for you and you’re expecting 50 calls a day, how much are you paying per call?

Measure productivity

Measuring productivity is the second step to solving any issues related to it. You may have an inkling that your productivity levels are low, but you will not know its true effects unless you measure it. Many of the entrepreneurs that we spoke to measure their productivity with a task tracker.

It’s also important to document your productivity expectations and sending it to all your remote workers. This way, they understand what is expected of them daily.

You can document productivity on a shared spreadsheet where you list the tasks required along with the number of hours required to complete the task. Then add four extra columns:

  1. Actual time taken to complete a task (Your VA must complete this portion)
  2. Pay per hour (You can input the pay rate)
  3. Level of difficulty (Easy, medium or difficult)
  4. Productivity level (Insert a formula to calculate this)

Of course, there are simpler ways to do this. Our favourite tool is Time Doctor. This tool is useful for remote working employees as it records internet usage and takes a screenshot every 3 minutes to show you what your employee is doing. Then, it will send you a report on your worker’s productivity levels.

Not only that, it has multiple features for improving productivity such as prioritising tasks, removing distractions and removing multitasking.

So, try this tool and let us know how it works for you?