How Noisli Can Help Your Productivity

Don’t you wish that you could be more productive? Apart from the countless articles online that say to change your environment, manage your time and block distractions, what other fresh ideas are there to maintain productivity?

Ever heard of Noisli? It’s a free sound and colour background generator that improves productivity and boosts concentration. With this tool, you can mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.

How and why sound affects our productivity

Most of us know that workout music can help us to exercise faster and longer, but what is it in the brain that gets supercharged?

The human brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons. These neurons use electric charges to communicate with each other. If you can imagine all these billions of neurons communicating with each other and sending signals, you can probably imagine how much electrical activity is going on in the human brain.

When graphed using medical equipment, doctors can test what happens to your neurons when it is stimulated by noise. This is called a brainwave pattern. Without getting too technical, a brainwave pattern has a cyclic, wave-like nature and measures how your brain responds to certain things.

Image: Ben Green Field Fitness

The alpha zone is where you want to be if you want to improve productivity. It’s the zone that promotes super learning, involves increased serotonin production and increases relaxation.

It’s important to note that it’s sound frequencies and not necessarily music that affects our brainwaves. To reach the Alpha zone, one must work on getting the correct sound frequencies.

How to use Noisli to reach the Alpha zone

Fortunately, Noisli is well created to reach the Alpha zone. You can select from their pre-created mix of Productivity, Relaxation or Random mixes. You can also mix different sounds and create your own environment.

Sounds include:

  • Rain,
  • Thunderstorm,
  • Wind,
  • Forest,
  • Leaves,
  • Water stream,
  • Seaside,
  • Water,
  • Bonfire,
  • Summer night,
  • Fan,
  • Train,
  • Coffee Shop,
  • White Noise,
  • Pink Noise, and
  • Brown Noise.

Other features:

  • Use the Timer for productivity sessions
  • Write with the distraction-free Text Editor

Get the Noisli tool today. For more productivity tips, tricks and tools, contact us today.

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