Top Productivity Tips for every Business Professional

Want productivity hacks that actually work and will show you tangible results?

I know we’re all busy, getting through the day and wanting to accomplish as many things as possible. And if you google productivity tips you’ll find a myriad of tips and advice from various sources. How do you know which ones work and will be the best for you at the end of the day?

Well I’ve put together some of my favourite productivity hacks (obviously these are ones that work well for me). Check them out and see which ones suit you best.

Focus on one thing at a time

This means you can have more than one activity going at the same time, heck, we’re entrepreneurs and have many pots boiling. What it truly means is to focus all your energy on the one task, do it right the first time, then move onto the next one. Think about when you go to gym, you have an entire routine worked out, however, when you’re on the treadmill that is all that you’re doing, running. You’ll be lifting weights at another section, doing leg presses on a different mat, in a different area. The same goes for work.

Email scheduling

Oh the dreaded inbox! If not managed correctly this monster can consume your entire day. Segment portions of the day that deals with emails only. When it’s that time, attend to them on the spot, then close your Outlook or Gmail and focus on a different task. Don’t allow emails to take up all the productive hours in your day. I like to check my emails first thing in the morning and early afternoon, giving me time in-between to complete other important duties.

Develop a daily routine

Get into daily healthy habits. This means wake up at the same time every day, plan for the day ahead. Tackle difficult tasks early in the morning while you still have loads of energy. They call this “eat the frog”, so get those uninspiring tasks done first. Do all your calls in the morning, then take time in the afternoon to focus on creative writing, meetings and other such like activities.

Write a stop doing list

Everyone is always encouraged to write a “To Do” list. Why not write a “Stop Doing” list? Not only does this create “thought interrupted”, i.e. you’re forced to look at things in a different light, you can action this list easier as these are tasks or activities that you know you shouldn’t be doing. Now is the ideal time to delegate. Use your time wisely!

Outsource tasks to a Virtual Assistant

You don’t need to do everything yourself! That is the beauty of outsourcing. You can focus on the things that you love and that you’re truly skilled at, and your Virtual Assistant can take care of the rest. It will honestly save you so much time and money to outsource certain tasks. All you need to do is find a reputable Virtual Assistant agency, interview your potential VA and start delegating those tasks!


These are just a few in a sea of tips to becoming the best productive you. Figure out what works best for you and stick to the plan! The bottom line is it’s up to you to enforce boundaries and to instill healthy habits in your day. Reward yourself when you make small wins and acknowledge your achievements.

Go forth and conquer!