Think you cannot delegate certain tasks? Think again

Have you been building your business on your own, too afraid to delegate certain tasks?

Well, you’re not alone. Research shows that many executives dread relinquishing control of their work for fear of mess-ups. However, delegating tasks can only help free you of time that you can put to growing your business even further.

Delegating tasks can help you to find more time to grow your business even further. Learn to embrace it.     

You may be wondering, “What type of tasks do I delegate?”

Before we get into that, here are tips to help you to delegate tasks properly:

  1. Search for an assistant with previous experience
  2. Put your assistant on probation for a short period
  3. Schedule training with your assistant
  4. Match the task to your assistant’s abilities e.g. Don’t ask someone to develop a web page if they have no experience with it
  5. Make sure you set clear deadlines and outcomes

Here are tasks you CAN delegate to your Virtual Assistant:

  1. Content creation – Writing, sourcing and editing content that will go out to customers. There are experienced Virtual Assistants who can help you with this at an affordable cost. You can create a shared content calendar so that you know what content goes out daily. Use tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite to allow your Virtual Assistant to post to your social media accounts without having to share your password.
  2. Event preparations and logistics – Planning, coordinating and scheduling the smooth running of events. You don’t have to do this yourself, there are capable Virtual Assistants who can do this at a per hour cost.
  3. Reporting – Still doing reporting yourself? Let your Virtual Assistant handle this. Train him/her on how to compile reports by using a video calling service such as Zoom.
  4. Graphic design – Designing your logos, marketing material, website and more. You can hire a Virtual Assistant who has these skills.
  5. Website and tech support – Customer support, coding and SEO optimisation. A Virtual Assistant with experience in IT can easily solve these problems.
  6. Audio/Video editing – Do you create videos and podcasts for your business? With a Virtual Assistant, you can create your raw content and allow him/her to edit it to your specifications. While your assistant edits, you work on building relationships with your customers.
  7. Engagement – How much time per day do you spend engaging online with your audience? Delegate this task to your Virtual Assistant. He/she may pose as you and respond to queries, congratulate your connections on achievements and just keep them engaged with you.
  8. General – Bookkeeping, appointment setting, filing and sorting are some example of general work. Your Virtual Assistant cam handle all of this for you.

Of course, finding one Virtual Assistant who can do all of this is highly impractical. That’s why it’s beneficial to partner with a Virtual Assistant agency that can spread your needs across multiple professionals. To learn more, contact us today.