How a Virtual Assistant can help you prevent burnout in your business

We’ve heard countless times about business owners reaching burnout.  Why do you think it happens so often? It’s because they’re trying to do everything themselves.  You know the saying about if you want it done… Yeah that one.  That’s why.

Sadly in some cases it takes a burnout for them to realize that they need help.

No successful entrepreneur does it by on their own anymore.  Don’t try to break the norm, you’ll be sorry…

I know I really struggle to outsource anything.  It feels as if it’ll take me less time to do it myself than to explain to someone else, right?  Well look at it this way, if you’ve spent the time to explain it once, you won’t ever have to again and that task can be delegated with ease in future.  See it as a time investment towards your mental (and maybe physical) health.

So now I’ve got you thinking, heck that sounds like me too.  Well buddy you might be heading for a burnout as we speak.  I’m sure you’re next question is, how do I prevent burnout? The answer is easy, outsource!  Good news is that your first stop can be your only one.  Outsourcing your outsourcing to your Virtual Assistant is a great idea!  Here’s how a VA can help you:

  1. Need to design a presentation for that new client? That’ll take hours! Nope, not if you have a VA that can do it for you or outsource it to a graphic design expert.  That time can be utilized in carefully selecting leads for your business.
  2. Ughh, now there’s an entire list of leads you need to call, you hate making calls. Your VA can do it for you while you catch up on some much-needed networking with the MD of that company whose business you’ve been after for months.
  3. It’s your grandma’s birthday and, yikes! You forgot to send flowers. You’re already on the golf course and done for the day…   Your Virtual Assistant can organize it for you, just send a quick voice note and you’ll be the new favorite grandchild in no time.
  4. If I haven’t convinced you yet… Cost-wise hiring a VA just makes sense.  You don’t have to provide any infrastructure for her/him to work with, no leave days necessary, you only pay for the time spent on your tasks, no annual bonuses necessary, no year-end functions that cost you money and a VA can do pretty much anything you require.  We are experts at acquiring or outsourcing the skills you need in your business.

I think you catch my drift.  Don’t you just wish there was a little helper to sort out the nitty-gritty while you hustle to get new clients?

Well, there is! We’re called Virtual Assistants and we’re just a phone call, email or WhatsApp away.

So if you want to join the trend and prevent burnout from trying to ‘do it all’, get yourself a VA today!