How To Own A LinkedIn Profile That Works For You

Piet has an awesome LinkedIn profile…  What does yours look like?

If you’re a B2B marketer like I am then lend me your ears! If you haven’t gone down the LinkedIn alley yet then hopefully I can motivate you to explore this corner of the Social Media world and amaze you.  If you are then you already know the power the old can hold.

Living in a digital era being online is crucial. If you’re not, you can’t possibly be serious about your business.  Even Piet that farms with pumpkins in Riviersonderend is on LinkedIn, so what’s your excuse?  Channelling your clients through a platform that is as large as LinkedIn is not as hard as you may think.  With all the resources online you can teach yourself to be a master of your online presence in no time.

Did you know that 46% percent of social media traffic coming in to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn?1 If you’re not convinced yet or you already know the power of this tool but would like to know how to utilize it to your advantage then read on.  I’ll be giving you some pointers on how to drive the right traffic to your LinkedIn page and in the process generate some valuable leads and contacts.

LinkedIn Profile

We start with the basics, completing your LinkedIn online profile.  This is your introduction and remember first impressions last.  Make sure you reach ‘All Star’ status to ensure your audience gets a good idea of what you are about and what you are capable of.

LinkedIn Groups

Join groups that you will find your potential clients in.  A good example is the Small Business South Africa group or the Entrepreneurs South Africa group if your target is Small business owners.  The list is endless. Once you’ve joined you’ll be able to invite a whole range of people based on what you need in a client.

LinkedIn Publications

So, you’ve obtained a whole lot of new contacts or potential leads, what now?  Now you entertain them.  Sound silly right?  But when you start writing articles on LinkedIn and prickling the interest of your target market you will find your followers growing.  Marketing your business to people who know your name is so much easier than cold emailing or calling on potential clients.  In the VA world it can even attract clients who need someone to write their blogs for them as you display your writing skills on your own profile.

The last pointer is to keep doing what you’re doing.  Consistency is key.  By posting weekly your name appears in front of your target audience on a regular basis so when  you’re emailing them they immediately link you to your content and that’s a great foot to get off on.

The Golden Rule of LinkedIn

Hopefully this made you excited to start your own online brand on LinkedIn.  There are loads of websites offering you sample topics you can write about.  Even if you’re not good at writing just start, trust me. you will definitely improve over time.   The golden rule is to start, stay active and you will reap the rewards soon enough.