Life as a Virtual Assistant is highly fulfilling – here’s why

Life as a VA isn’t just working a few hours a day while at home, checking off items on your to-do list. For many, it’s actually a fine balancing act of addressing clients’ needs, meeting deadlines, and keeping some separation between your work and personal life.

You have to be really organized and a top-notch communicator. Good communication is a vital to achieving a state of harmony in which a VA is no less a part of your team than if you were sharing a physical office space.  If you’re not either of those things—working as a VA or working from home, in general, is probably not for you.”

Working as a Virtual Assistant (VA) is an exceptionally rewarding career. Not only does it allow flexibility in working hours but it also allows me to feel fulfilled because my entire job revolves around helping others. Of course, even when you’re doing what you love, work is still work.

A virtual assistant (VA) is a remote assistant that handles mostly online tasks. They can operate anywhere in the world, have multiple clients, and can be hired to take on a variety of your day-to-day tasks.

My day starts at 7.00am on most days!

Needless to say that the first thing that I do is put on the kettle for cup of coffee.  Then off to shower and I’m ready for the day.

I get settled at my desk, open all computer windows required for the day, and start my work day.

My duties for the day might entail any of the following:

  • I check my e-mails
  • Check my clients 3 e-mail accounts
  • Transcribe notes, videos, etc. for clients
  • Skype, slack check-ins with clients
  • Research various topics for clients
  • Instagram direct messaging for three accounts
  • Check upwork daily
  • Capture expense receipts
  • Check for flight availability
  • Check car rentals
  • Check for accommodation

As you can see, I need to be organised with my time. I enjoy the variety that this line of work provides. I’m great at communicating and keeping my clients updated on my progress.

I absolutely love my job and feel very blessed to do it. Supporting my clients is what I do best.

The beauty of being a Virtual Assistant means that no two days are the same. Think about it if you have a 9-5 full time job then you pretty much know what your day is going to be like from start to finish. When you tell someone that you are a Virtual Assistant or VA you get different responses. In a nutshell it means that I am a Personal Assistant who works remotely. You don’t need to hire administrative support to sit in your office for 8 hours a day. Everything can be done online, via email, phone or skype. The list is endless. You don’t have to see me to consider the job done!