Let Me Tell You Why

Let me tell you why I think your business should hire a Virtual Assistant, and then you can tell me if you think it’s a lie or not!

What value do I get from it? That is the first question we ask when faced with a decision to make an investment or not. Let me tell you, you need to hire a Virtual Assistant and here’s why.

I have been working as a Virtual Assistant for a number of businesses and have seen, first hand, the value that a resource like this can bring to a business. It does not matter if your business is a one-man show, two partners making a go of it, a group of friends starting their big business idea or an existing business that wants to take things to the next level. The impact a Virtual Assistant can have is huge!

I think that Virtual Assistants are not a luxury, but are in fact becoming more and more the solution to the problem business owners face of limited time that they have available to achieve so much. I have found that the business owners I work for are successful and their businesses are doing well, but they do not have the time they need to be creative and take their dream to the next level, because they are tied up in the everyday running of their businesses. Even a simple thing like managing their email inbox.  It takes so much time and most emails can be efficiently dealt with by the Virtual Assistant on the owner’s behalf. One of the business owners I work for has handed over his email inbox to me and said “Be me!”. I have a script of his standard replies and so many of his emails are follow ups, asking for things or thanking people for things. At the end of the day, all I do is send him a summary of emails he needs to take notice of and respond to and it works like a charm – he is literally smiling! His response to my work was “Thank you so much Debbie – you have given me my life back! Now I can spend time working on my business, doing my sales calls and signing those deals.”

I have found that by me taking on small, repetitive duties for the business owners I support, it has made a big impact on their business indirectly and they value that. All those small tasks that the business owners find daunting and that consume their time and interfere with their creativity can be a thing of the past. Hiring an individual virtual assistant that is task-based also means that business owners do not have to micromanage and can leave those tasks for us to do behind the scenes and surprise them with amazing results!

My conclusion is that Virtual Assistants become enablers – enabling business owners to do what they really want and need to do – and smiling all the while!