Being a Virtual Assistant and managing time

There is a deadline looming and you are a VA working from home, yet you find yourself watering the plants, doing the laundry or just pottering around your home in general…..

This can be the toughest part of working from home and it takes lots of discipline, planning and managing time correctly to ensure that your client receives the professionalism they expect from you. So how does one go about this? Being fairly new to the VA world I pondered this very question. I did some research and self-search and would like to share some information which I feel is the key to being a successful Virtual Assistant.

Let’s start off with discipline. Yes, we are at home, so slippers, or that favourite gown is all good. It’s ensuring that the discipline is there to physically do the work. Sometimes taking off the gown and putting on shoes, picking up your handbag and walking down the passage can give you the sense of actually going to the office.


Know the tasks that have to be done. How much time will need to be spent on each one. What the deadlines are and/or how urgent is the task.


Whether it be when you eat breakfast, break for tea or complete an urgent task, scheduling is vital. Sitting at 2pm starving and dehydrated because you have been so busy, chaotic or disorganised and not touched sides will not benefit anyone. Often this is when mistakes are made or frustrations rise to a whole new level.

Keep a notebook

Making notes and lists can help keep you on track. As you complete a task, cross it off the list. That way you will know exactly where you stand, what has been done, what still needs to be done and going hand in hand with your schedules will ensure timelines are met.

Turn off all distractions

We all love the kitten videos and the kiddies videos on Facebook but once you start….well….an hour can pass easily and that is an hour wasted.


Make sure everything is where you need it. No-one wants to be looking for pen and paper when the client is on the line giving you instructions.

Remember, take breaks. The brain gets frazzled and needs some air or a cup of tea and it needs food. Have a friend round for tea and some gossip, just remember your schedule and plan the visit accordingly.

As a Virtual Assistant, with a very busy client, this is going to be what I strive for each day and when life decides to throw a few lemons my way (which it will)…..I will make lemonade!!!!