My Journey as a Virtual Assistant by Rene Blanc


I just recently started working as a Virtual Assistant. After having a career as a Dental Assistant and Medical Receptionist having me work very long shifts and having very little time for myself and my family. I studied Tourism after school, changing industries after my studies. I then started working in the administration industry. I was working as a Debtors Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Personal Assistant, Accounts Manager, Receptionist, Office Assistant, Freelance School Instructor, Conference Coordinator, Office Manager, etc.; learning more skills as I progressed.

Working as a Virtual Assistant gives me the flexibility to develop myself and learn more skills with the challenges that pop up some days. I also meet new people and learn new industries, skills and experiences than I have ever before. I know that I just started my career as a Virtual Assistant and I still have a lot to learn about being a Virtual Assistant, but I am looking forward to working hard and being a success as a Virtual Assistant. I get the opportunity to work from home, which means no traffic jams and struggling for hours to get to work or home…

Being a Virtual Assistant also give me the time to look into self-improvement courses to develop my skills and knowledge, which was not possible with my previous long working hours. Having worked in so many different industries and environments that I have, I have the experience and skills but not always the qualification that go with the experience. Now I can work on the qualifications in my spare time and add more skills to my ever increasing list of skills.

Working as a Virtual Assistant also means I can spend more time with my family and friends and have time to attend school activities in the evenings and on weekends that in the past I was unable to do. It also makes planning for school activities and holidays so much easier.