What can a virtual assistant do for your business?

You ask the question: “What can a VA do for my business” and the first thing we will answer is; “lots”, but let’s take a closer look. As we all know businesses come in all shapes and sizes and are also becoming more and more technology based. For the small to medium size businesses a VA is the perfect solution.

Virtual Assistant’s offer vast experience in many different areas. This can be from project management, data capturing, book keeping, general administration and typing, customer care, looking after your website and so the list goes on. A business may need a once off assistant or a more permanent assistant. Being as flexible as VA’s are this will suit the business owner better. Of course, using a company like VA Connect will also benefit the company as the VA’s are accredited and not fly-by-night staff randomly advertising on the internet. It also is beneficial to the business as VA Connect can match a staff member up to your needs. No more frustrations trying to get a person who is an internet guru to do your book keeping. You will be assigned a VA with a portfolio that matches your needs.

Financially, this is also very beneficial to a business owner. Between VA connect, the VA’s contracted with them a package can be chosen that best suits your needs and your back pocket. These can range from hourly, weekly and monthly. Thus, a short-term project is not going to cost you a long-term price. Alternatively, a VA working independently can negotiate directly with the company on his/her fee structure. Overheads are significantly lower as there are no setup costs, office rentals and so on.

Internet use and knowledge is crucial for a Virtual Assistant to be up and running and there are many platforms available on the internet for communication and document sharing. The company and VA need not be anywhere near each other and this is the beauty of the virtual world. This is fantastic for businesses that work on very tight deadlines. As a VA’s can be in other time zones around the world, work can be done almost round the clock. If you need someone to do your daily admin after your business day so that it is ready for you the next morning, this is very possible.

Once your VA is up and running you are free to concentrate on making your business a huge success. No more being bogged down by admin, filing, paperwork, invoices. No more worrying that while you are in a meeting securing one deal you are losing 5 others due to the fact that your phone is off and no-one can get hold of you. Let a VA make your life easier and assist you in making the daily function of your company a stress-free environment.

I end off with this: Virtual Assistant’s are the future, technology is the future! Investigate this option for your business and you will never look back.