A day in my life as a Virtual Assistant

“What is it that you do exactly?” a question that is often asked of me these days, especially when I say, “Man, that was a hectic day and I’m so ready for bed.” Well I’m a VA, virtual assistant and yes that means I work virtually and remotely, however that does not mean I sit around at home doing nothing, drinking coffee and playing on the internet all day – no, not at all.

So my typical day looks like this – wake up with my two human alarms and proceed to source caffeine, immediately. I get online and check emails first off and then…

Try and get my little minions fed and settled before I start actually focusing and getting started with whatever tasks are delegated by my clients.  Mostly I know that every Monday I have x, y, z that needs doing, Tuesday has whatever it needs doing and so forth, so getting into a rhythm is not that difficult, but there are curve balls and I have to roll with it.

I think the most important thing to remember when working from home in any role is ensuring balance, consistency and routine as far as possible.  These three things are my secret formula to keeping my sanity intact on a daily basis. I think we all know that when we choose to work from home it is going to be challenging, especially if you have children and those children are at home with you all day while you work. Another thing to remember is that it is only you, no office full of different people, no chit-chat by the coffee machine, just you and you, and then if there are kiddies, human or furry, they are there too, but that is pretty much it, every day.  That part of things is not for everybody – for me Im quite happy having myself as company and my characterful 4 year old and too cute for words 5 month old are enough human interaction for me at the moment.

All in all a day in the life of a Virtual Assistant is very full, diverse, exciting, stressful, challenging and fun all at the same time.  Some days more of the one than the other but always worth every second of it. I will never regret my choice to become a VA and will always look to enjoying the days no matter what they bring.  I, on a daily basis, gain so much knowledge, I find things that I am so passionate about I just love doing it, and I think in a way I get to teach my family a thing or two as well in the process.

I will end off by reiterating this, a day in the life of a VA requires major discipline but also an ability to take whatever comes at you and make it work, routine, consistency and balance, the three words to live by.  I love what I do and so should you.