A Virtual Assistant to Help with Your Blogs!

If you’ve got a dormant blog, no blog or are not generating enough traffic with your blog, you may want to re-strategise. Between writing, publishing, optimising and sharing on social media, you could be spending all your time blogging and have no time for large-scale projects or other important tasks.

If you still want to write your own blogs, here’s how you can use a Virtual Assistant to speed up the process:

Blog titles

Give your Virtual Assistant a few keywords and have her generate blog post ideas for you. She can do research and find popular topic ideas for upcoming blogs. Provide her with tools such as the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to optimise her titles. In so doing, you save time on searching for good topics and just focus on writing your content.


Every writer should have a template they use as a base for all their blog posts. Most templates have a heading, introduction, and conclusion. Your VA can write the heading, introduction and conclusion for you as a base, plus include links to other articles that can help you write your own article. This can help you complete the rest of the article with ease.

Proofreading and editing

Editing blogs for spelling and grammar can take a lot of time. Outsource this function to a VA so that you may focus solely on blog writing.

Sharing on social media

Social media can help you get more website visitors. Have your VA promote your new and old blogs on your social media channels daily. She can write a short description to go along with the social media post so that readers can have an idea of what the post is about.

Your VA can also respond to comments to keep your audience connected to your brand.

Editorial calendar

If you’ve got a blog, you need an editorial calendar to manage your content production. Maintaining a calendar can help you find content creation opportunities such as Christmas deals, New Year’s ideas and other seasonal content.

PR and Promotion

Share your company news or a new product launch with a new audience by having your VA create press releases and email them to PR companies to publish. Also, have her email other bloggers for guest blogging opportunities. Guest blogging can help you get more backlinks to your website.