How to best use a Virtual Assistant this December

Are you already worried about not working this December and coming back to a pile of to-do’s?

December should be the time of Sun, Sand, Sea and most importantly Relaxation…

As a Manager or Executive this time of year is so important to wind down and de-stress, the last thing you need to be worried about is work. Rest assured if you take advantage of VA Connect and an awesome Virtual Assistant, worry won’t even be a word you would think of let alone use! You will actually have a Stress-Free holiday!

Go away, leave everything and have the peace of mind you need. All work will be done and tended to professionally and expediently keeping your clients satisfied and happy. While your away you can let your Virtual Assistant care for your customer care, emails, invoicing, data capture to name a few. You can even get your VA started on important items for the new year (an important presentation that needs compiling, a work proposal, etc) or even just catch up on admin that you couldn’t get through during the “silly season”.

Here are some more things a Virtual Assistant can do for you this December:

Attending to customer calls and complaints

Emailing customers and clients

Compiling spreadsheets

Compiling letters, meeting minutes

PowerPoint Presentations

Compiling and designing booklets or pamphlets

Data Capturing (Loading policies, capturing onto work systems, client information updating, etc)

Internet searches and compiling of information

Writing product descriptions for products being sold


Social Media Posting

Travel Arrangements (Virtual)

Transcription work

Capturing expenses and keeping a recon

Compiling the company Organograms

Organise & co-ordinate conferences from start to finish

Choosing and ordering gifts

Finding suppliers and ordering of stock

Using a Virtual Assistant in December will cut out the stress of just leaving everything alone until the new year. So, when you return from your holiday you won’t be stressed out on day 1 and wishing you never went away or were still away or never came back, you’ll feel organised and ready to tackle a new successful year.

Go on a stress-free holiday, leave your laptop at home, spend that quality time with your family that they deserve, they will love you even more for it.

Take a chance and let a Virtual Assistant make your life easier this December and who knows maybe into the future as well.