How best to utilize your Virtual Assistant in December

Now that the silly season is almost upon us, this is the time of year that your Virtual Assistant will come into her own and become even more vital to you and your business.

Your Virtual Assistant could assist you while your permanent staff are taking a well-earned holiday at the end of the year.  She could answer your phones, field questions on your company’s behalf, do all the admin that has been put off during the year.  The best thing about this is that your clients will never know that she isn’t even sitting there in your office and this is all due to the wonders of modern technology!!

You can task her with the sourcing of the Christmas gifts for your clients and, if you like, your family as well, knowing full well that she knows exactly where to source the best online deals for you, in an efficient and timeous manner. Her many skills can be utilized to get your year end function organized, whether it be a simple braai or an extravagant dinner and dance at a five star hotel.  All of this can be taken care of without other staff having to take time out of their busy work schedule to arrange this event.  Another added bonus, she will be available to keep your office running efficiently whilst you are all out celebrating another successful year.

As part of her many skills, why not get your Virtual Assistant to book your well-earned holiday for you and your family, including your flights, car hire and maybe a guided tour or an evening out for a special occassion. If your travels take you overseas, she can arrange your visas and ensure you get the perfect seat on your long flight.

While you are away enjoying yourself and recharging your battery, she could also be tasked with internet research for new projects that your company is looking into.  With limited time to keep up with industry news, she can be keeping tabs on the most important new trends in your industry or even update your website and twitter feeds. Sorting out your electronic diary is her specialty.

Your Virtual Assistant can keep you up to date with any important emails and events and in most cases she will be able to answer on your behalf.  That way saving you from having your well-earned break interrupted.

So you may ask how best to utilize your Virtual Assistant in December?  The answer is simple, as long as your Virtual Assistant is from VA Connect, you know  you have the best!