The Best Ways to Utilise Your Virtual Assistant for 2018

Hiring a virtual assistant can be the BEST thing you ever do for your business in 2018!

There are certain things in your business that only you can do, and it’s understandable to want complete control over those things. However, there are so many tasks that can be accomplished by someone else.

At VA Connect we are here to help you with all your business requirements.

Here are 7 specific tasks that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant.

1) Email Communication

A virtual assistant can go through emails the way a traditional secretary would sort through your mail, and the end result is the same. It saves you time.

2) Calendar Management and Scheduling

Even the most organized person with the best time management skills can get bogged down by the intricacies of a demanding schedule.

It helps to have an outside perspective to manage your calendar and to schedule appointment

3) Travel Arrangements

Booking a flight isn’t complicated. But you might not have the time to because the amount of searching required takes too much time away from other more important things. A virtual assistant can do this for you more economically so you can get to where you need to be with time and money intact.

4) Blog Administration

Having a well-maintained blog is an essential part of running a business in today’s time. But if you lack the experience or desire to maintain it yourself, it could become a detriment. Having a virtual assistant to post content, moderate comments, and respond to emails pertaining to the blog can help with this.

5) Research

Sometimes, you want to know about your competitors. Sometimes, you need to know where to find the best price for printing business cards or buying ad space. A virtual assistant can do this for you and present you with the information you need in a usable format.

6) Bookkeeping or Data Entry

All the minutiae of running a successful business can pile up quickly. A virtual assistant can be an invaluable resource for taking care of these issues.

7) Proofreading/Editing

This could be editing of online content, e-mails, or really anything involving written language that needs to be reviewed. It helps to have another person read over content to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

The above are just but a few tasks that your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can assist you with in 2018. Click on the below link to see a more detailed list on how WE can help YOU.

VA CONNECT has a team of VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS just waiting to be of service to you, to lighten your load! To FREE up some of YOUR time!

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