The Best Ways To Utilise Your Virtual Assistant For 2018

What is the BEST way to utilise your Virtual Assistant?

Let’s make 2018 a more EFFICIENT and PRODUCTIVE year for you!!

At VA Connect we have a solution to all your small / medium business requirements.

A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT could help with any, but not limited to of the following tasks:

Scheduling appointments / Managing your calendar

A simple job like managing your calendar can be time consuming. If you don’t maintain your calendar correctly, you may miss important appointments with clients. A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can keep your calendar updated. They can make sure that you never miss an important meeting again.

Making travel plans

Making travel arrangements for your business trip or personal vacation can take a lot of time. Travel arrangements aren’t easy to make, but you’ll find when you have help from a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, they’ll be made efficiently and correctly and you won’t have to worry about taking time away from your business to get them done.

Responding to and/or managing email

A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can reduce the burden of email management in ways automated systems can’t, be they third-party plugins or rules and filters that you set up within your inbox. They can function as your email “triage” system, conduct your daily inbox reviews, or even reply to individual messages. Considering how much of your workload likely involves reviewing incoming messages, replying to calendar requests and ensuring your top-priority emails get answered promptly, asking for assistance with email triage is in fact one of the best uses of administrative support.

Updating databases

Your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can assist you with any time-consuming tasks like database entry and spreadsheet updates require dedicated attention.

Creating and scheduling social media postings

Social media presence can boost your sales and generate new customer leads. But finding time to boost your social media presence … well, that’s often the biggest challenge. There will come a point where you simply don’t have time to pay full attention to your social media accounts. Your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can assist in the following ways: –

  • Generation of ideas for social media posts
  • Drafting social media content
  • Scheduling content postings
  • Monitoring social media and alerting you to comments about your company and/or brand
  • Building and managing contact networks (friending, connecting, following, etc)
  • Interacting with your contacts
  • Tracking and reporting social media metrics
  • Updating your social media profiles as required
  • Managing Facebook / LinkedIn advertising

The above tasks are too name but a few tasks that your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can assist you with. Clink on the below link to see a more detailed list on how WE can help YOU.

VA CONNECT has a team of VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS just waiting to be of service to you, to lighten your load! To FREE up some of YOUR time!

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