My life as a Virtual Assistant. Let me show you what my typical day looks like.

Most people think being a Virtual Assistant is “easier” thank having a “office” job… but actually it is the very opposite.

Yes, you do manage your own time… but just exactly that. When you have an office job, you have a set time for doing your work, nothing else can actually interrupt, for example you cannot do your hobbies at the office, but if you are a VA you can do anything anytime…

Luckily for me I have “easy” clients, the one is only a three hour a day client (client 1) and the other is a full day (client 2)…but the full day client is situated in the UK so that already makes it flexible for me to juggle and come and go as I please.

Before I got pregnant, I went horse riding everyday and at anytime, and of course my Husband who is in construction get’s long weekends every end of the month so I can join him when he is off.


I wake up around 5:00am as my husband has to be at work at 6:00am, YAY for me, as I get an early start to get things ready for the day, do a little exercise. So my work day starts at 8:00am, where I usually attend to Client 1, checking emails, checking what is ahead for me that time. Because she has three hours, I try do 3 check-ins (which is not time specific); one in the morning, one just after lunch and the last one just before “knock off”.

For client 2, we usually checking at 17h00 SA time, just check if I have a new project, and what it is and if I have question I can still ask I will then only start on the project the next day.

So basically I can schedule my work day completely around my personal day… but I still need to manage my time correctly and ensure that I do get to my work.

In the next few months I will be able to see how I will juggle being a VA and a new mom!

I learned time management in a hard way a while ago, when my husband had a “long pay weekend” , which means he is of from Thursday up until the next Monday – we decided to go away.

We drove that Thursday afternoon, when I was also done with my work. Friday came, we slept in late, had breakfast when it was 13h00 the next moment I realised that I still had to complete a full days of work…

Luckily being a Virtual Assistant I was able to complete my work… as my clients allows me to do the work whenever during the day, as long as it gets done.

So my everyday I get to be flexible, I can start work as soon as I get up, or even as soon as I have a moment. If I have to schedule I doctors appointment I don’t have to check first or to take leave. I get to have long weekends off with my hubby and I get to complete all my VA work from anywhere.