21 Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant

21 Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant

21 Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant

Here’s a list of 21 tasks you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant:

  1. Scheduling appointments. Let your Virtual Assistant schedule and manage all your appointments for you. You just view your diary every morning and show up to every appointment prepared and let your VA do all the admin work.
  2. Managing events. Managing a corporate event can be stressful, especially if you’re inviting international delegates. What’s even more stressful is handling the queries from each delegate. Outsource this task to your VA to ensure a successful event.
  3. You can outsource your general reporting to a VA. Make sure you take your VA through adequate training before expecting him/her to produce accurate reports.
  4. You can get your VA to do basic bookkeeping tasks such as updating your journals or cash book.
  5. Running errands. Do you have personal errands you need to run but no time to do it? Let a VA do that for you!
  6. Cold calling. You’ll have to be careful with this one as not everyone is good on the phone. If you hire a VA to make cold calls, make sure he/she has sales experience.
  7. Blog writing. You can send a list of blog titles to your VA and have him/her write your blog posts. Regular blog posts will not only keep you connected to your audience but also get more traffic to your website through search engine traffic.
  8. Social media management. No time to manage your social media accounts? Let a VA handle that for you Just give him/her the posting schedule in advance so that he/she will know what to post.
  9. Editing and proof-reading of written content. Editing written content can be time-consuming especially for people who are not professional writers. Let a VA edit all your documents so that you may have more time for other tasks.
  10. Managing emails. Most entrepreneurs have a mailbox full of emails that they can’t get to. This leads to missed opportunities. Outsource this function to a VA.
  11. Chat support. These days customers want to hear from you within 24-hours of sending a query. If not, they go to a competitor. A VA would be a perfect match for this type of role as you can pay him/her by the hour.
  12. Transcription of audio/video content. If you’ve got audio and video content that you need to transform into written content, outsource it to a VA.
  13. SEO/web developing. Let your VA search for popular keywords in your industry so that you can add them to your blog posts/content. Also, your VA can develop your website or landing pages.
  14. Building databases. If you need a database to start calling for appointments, a VA can build it for you by searching the internet.
  15. Travel arrangements. Flying for a business meeting? Let your VA handle that for you!
  16. Sorting online files/documents. A virtual business may not have physical files, but the online files can get just as crowded as physical files. Have your VA sort all your documents in well-labelled folders so that you and other staff members can easily find information.
  17. Online research. If you need to research a specific topic, let your VA do it for you.
  18. Creating forms and templates. If you require templates to send emails, guide employees and onboard new employees, let your VA handle it for you.
  19. Creating and sending email marketing campaigns. Email marketing campaigns are successful in increasing your sales, let your VA create and send them to your clients.
  20. Designing visual content such as images, logos, banners and headers. Need a graphic designer but can’t afford one? Let a VA design your visual content and pay only for each completed project.
  21. Managing teams. You can hire a VA to manage other team members. This is great for a small business because you can have him/her work for a few hours per day and pay by the hour.

If you are currently hiring a Virtual Assistant we would love to hear more about the kinds of tasks you outsource in the comments below!

3 Incredible Ways Your Virtual Assistant Can Help Run Your Business

3 Incredible Ways Your Virtual Assistant Can Help Run Your Business

3 Incredible Ways Your Virtual Assistant Can Help Run Your Business

By now, we have all heard of Virtual Assistants, but are they just people who help us to clear our mailboxes or can they do more?

First thing to note is that Virtual Assistants should not just be limited to admin as many can do much more than that. There are Virtual Assistants who go as far as running your entire business for you so that you may focus on attracting new clients.

Furthermore, people hire Virtual Assistants for many reasons. Some would like to save on costs and others because they’re looking for a flexible employee. The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant can be found in this article.

Today, we will discuss  three incredible ways your Virtual Assistant can help run your business:


Traditional employees are reluctant to work on weekends and even scoff at the idea. Virtual Assistants, on the other hand, work on an hourly basis depending on what works for both of you. If your business relies heavily upon sales during “off peak hours” and “off seasons”, hiring a Virtual Assistant is a good option. You can find a Virtual Assistant to work for you on the weekends, public holidays and any other days when regular employees would not be available.


Ever had an emergency at work and wished you had a fairy godmother to fix it? Get a Virtual Assistant! He/she can help you manage your workload within a short notice period if they’re available. Since Virtual Assistants work by the hour as “freelancers”, they are more committed to their work and they make sure they deliver on expectations so that you may hire them again. If you’re facing an emergency, they’re more likely to squeeze you into their schedule. Nevertheless, if one is not available you can always hire another one just as fast if you are partnered with a Virtual Assistant Agency like VA Connect.


Every business needs some kind of reporting system to get an overview of how well the business is doing. If you’re a small business owner you’re probably still doing this yourself using spreadsheets. A Virtual Assistant can alleviate you of doing reports. Virtual Assistants are highly skilled individuals as they normally train themselves in a specific niche to appeal to employers. You will find that one assistant can do multiple tasks with attention to detail.


Still not convinced that you need a Virtual Assistant? Take our quiz here.

There are many more ways that Virtual Assistants can help run your business. Here is a previous post where we listed eight tasks that you can delegate to your assistant. Also, if you’re an entrepreneur, here’s how a Virtual Assistant can help you. Finally, here’s how a Virtual Assistant saved me 15 hours per week!

If you’re convinced that you need a Virtual Assistant, contact us today!

Does my business need the support of a Virtual Assistant?

Does my business need the support of a Virtual Assistant?

Does my business need the support of a Virtual Assistant?

This is a question I’m sure all business owners have asked themselves at one time or another.

Even as a business executive or life coach, by introducing a Virtual Assistant to your business life, you can reap the benefits. How do I know this? Well, thanks to the constant positive feedback from my customers they make sure I understand how invaluable I’ve been in helping them run a successful business.

So now you need to ask yourself again, does my business need a Virtual Assistant?

Some important areas I can recommend looking at where a Virtual Assistant can be beneficial, are the following:

Bookkeeping: Keeping on top of your business bills and any bookkeeping matters can be one of the easiest things to assign to your Virtual Assistant. In this way your Virtual Assistant can follow up on outstanding invoices or unpaid bills.

Online research: You can easily outsource this time-consuming task to your Virtual Assistant. Typical requests usually include sourcing information on businesses, exploring new products or vetting new potential employees. Be sure to send your VA clear instructions and where appropriate user names & passwords for paid websites.

Database entries: Whether you’ve collected piles of business cards at different conferences or updated information for existing contacts, keeping databases up to date is a suitable task for a Virtual Assistant. Your VA can either create a client database for you or update your existing program.

PowerPoint Presentations: Summarizing research findings or turning raw data into a PowerPoint Presentation is a great time-saver to assign to your VA when prepping for meetings.

Email Management: To free up time in your day, your Virtual Assistant can filter your most important emails and respond to the rest on your behalf. This is done remotely, however, guidance needs to be given on how to pick out key emails. You can also ask your VA to copy the response to you before she sends it out.

Social tasks: These would include writing birthday cards or sending out thank you notes. A good Virtual Assistant can take care of this.

Scheduling: Your Virtual Assistant can manage your calendar for you, handling meeting invitations, scheduling appointments with clients and assisting in planning events.

The tasks that you can outsource to your VA are unlimited. The above is just a short list as examples thereof.

To determine where or how a VA can help you in running your business successfully, take a look at what part of your business you are struggling with and determine whether it would be beneficial  to hire a VA to take care of it. Perhaps it’s the day to day planning, or marketing, or bookkeeping you require help with. Whatever you define your business needs to be, just know that there is a Virtual Assistant who can help you.

5 Easy ways to help you find great Clients for your Business

5 Easy ways to help you find great Clients for your Business

5 Easy ways to help you find great Clients for your Business

Are you struggling to find clients for your Virtual Assistant business? I know the market can be seemingly tough and it is an eternal question, where do I find new clients?

This question gets bandied around from one Virtual Assistant business to another. Maybe you’re not feeling so confident when it comes to sales or putting a marketing strategy together. I want to share a few tips with you that I’ve learned over the years which I know if implemented will assist you in getting new clients on board.

Remember these 2 important points :

  1. Marketing is pivotal to the success of your business.
  2. Are you making your target market aware of your business presence?

If you don’t have a strong working marketing strategy and you are not marketing yourself to the right market, then you are making it very difficult for yourself to be seen.

So what great tips can I share with you to increase your client base?

Hot tip # 1: Who is your ideal market?

If you don’t know who you want to do business with, then how will you possibly know how to market your service offering to them? If you know what you are passionate about and who you want to help then it is easier to find these clients.

Hot tip # 2 : Where does your market hangout?

Now you need to research where your current market hangs out, both online and offline. If you know where to find them, it’s easier to place your business in front of them so that they can sit up and take note.

Hot tip # 3 : What problems does your business solve?

Do you offer a unique way to solve specific business problems? Do you have expert skill sets to offer your clients that other Virtual Assistants don’t have? It’s all about what you can offer your clients and how you can make their lives easier.

Hot tip # 4 : How do you solve these problems?

Do you have expert methodologies that you have worked out yourself that you can solve problems in a unique way? If you have the expertise needed to do this then you set yourself apart from your competitors. Now is the time to show value to your clients, make them aware of your specialist skills.

Hot tip # 5 : Are you making clients aware of your business presence?

If prospective clients don’t know about you, how can they possibly hire your services? Are you regularly blogging about the value you bring and the problems you solve? Do you show up both offline and online where your clients hang out?

You can figure out your marketing strategy according to the research you’ve done, and you should have a process in place to solve certain problems for your clients. Once you have this figured out you’ve got yourself a rinse and repeat process! Congratulations on growing your business!

How to Hire your very first Virtual Assistant

How to Hire your very first Virtual Assistant

How to Hire your very first Virtual Assistant

This is probably what you’re currently thinking when someone says you need to start delegating : “I know my business and I get to run it exactly the way I want to, I understand my product / service offering and all my clients have built a relationship with me, so how could I possibly get an outsider to manage all of this for me?!”

The beauty of outsourcing anything is that you get to choose which tasks you want to outsource, and to whom. Perhaps you are new to the world of Virtual Assistants, where you hire a remote worker to assist you in developing your business.

So let’s remove that veil of distrust and insecurity when it comes to delegating tasks to a remote working VA and let us help you understand when is the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant, where to find them and how to ensure they are a great match for your business!

The right time to ask for help

When is the right time to ask for help? Probably when you feel like you’re swamped with tasks and to do lists, you’re feeling overwhelmed, when there’s not enough time in the day and it honestly feels like the year is running away from you. If this is you, you need to start delegating immediately! Rome was not built by one man. You need to grow and develop your business, and the best way to achieve this is to delegate tasks that don’t make you money directly so that you outsource them to your Virtual Assistant.

Where do I find the best Virtual Assistant?

Now that you have made peace with the idea of delegating your workload, you are probably wondering where do you go to find the best Virtual Assistant for your business. Do loads of internet research, get testimonials, check out potential Virtual Assistant’s websites, see what they are doing on social media. Ask around in your community for referrals as well as at business networking events. You are either going to find your Virtual Assistant digitally or by referral. However you come by your VA, be sure to interview them, ask for a reference and for samples of their work. You can even negotiate to do an hour’s free trial run to ensure the skill set and experience on offer is what you are looking for.

Set up a detailed Job Description

Once you’ve decided it’s time to outsource admin tasks, take a 2 week period and make notes of everything you do. Then look at the list you’ve put together and determine where the money tasks lie and delegate the rest. Do what you love and really enjoy, and assign the remainder of the tasks to your Virtual Assistant. Be sure of where you require the most assistance and then hire your weaknesses. Write a detailed job description and understand exactly where your VA will fit into your business. Remember, even though your VA is virtual, she is still a very essential part of your team.

Get delegating!

Now the fun really begins! The more comfortable you get with the idea of having an additional team member, the easier it will become to delegate. Now you have a robust service offering, where you have the right support in the office, which means freeing up your day to do the things you derive the greatest pleasure from – developing and growing your business!