Does my business need the support of a Virtual Assistant?

This is a question I’m sure all business owners have asked themselves at one time or another.

Even as a business executive or life coach, by introducing a Virtual Assistant to your business life, you can reap the benefits. How do I know this? Well, thanks to the constant positive feedback from my customers they make sure I understand how invaluable I’ve been in helping them run a successful business.

So now you need to ask yourself again, does my business need a Virtual Assistant?

Some important areas I can recommend looking at where a Virtual Assistant can be beneficial, are the following:

Bookkeeping: Keeping on top of your business bills and any bookkeeping matters can be one of the easiest things to assign to your Virtual Assistant. In this way your Virtual Assistant can follow up on outstanding invoices or unpaid bills.

Online research: You can easily outsource this time-consuming task to your Virtual Assistant. Typical requests usually include sourcing information on businesses, exploring new products or vetting new potential employees. Be sure to send your VA clear instructions and where appropriate user names & passwords for paid websites.

Database entries: Whether you’ve collected piles of business cards at different conferences or updated information for existing contacts, keeping databases up to date is a suitable task for a Virtual Assistant. Your VA can either create a client database for you or update your existing program.

PowerPoint Presentations: Summarizing research findings or turning raw data into a PowerPoint Presentation is a great time-saver to assign to your VA when prepping for meetings.

Email Management: To free up time in your day, your Virtual Assistant can filter your most important emails and respond to the rest on your behalf. This is done remotely, however, guidance needs to be given on how to pick out key emails. You can also ask your VA to copy the response to you before she sends it out.

Social tasks: These would include writing birthday cards or sending out thank you notes. A good Virtual Assistant can take care of this.

Scheduling: Your Virtual Assistant can manage your calendar for you, handling meeting invitations, scheduling appointments with clients and assisting in planning events.

The tasks that you can outsource to your VA are unlimited. The above is just a short list as examples thereof.

To determine where or how a VA can help you in running your business successfully, take a look at what part of your business you are struggling with and determine whether it would be beneficial  to hire a VA to take care of it. Perhaps it’s the day to day planning, or marketing, or bookkeeping you require help with. Whatever you define your business needs to be, just know that there is a Virtual Assistant who can help you.