5 Reasons Why You NEED a VA This December

December holidays are approaching us like the shark in Jaws.  Before you know it it’s going to be upon us.  Having a Virtual Assistant gives you the advantage of having quite a few tedious tasks handled before you close business for your well deserved December holiday.

Like what, you may ask?  Well sit back and relax.  I’ll tell you all about it. Below are 5 things you can use your VA for so you can close your doors with peace of mind this December holiday.

1# Your Virtual Assistant can plan your company’s year-end function.  From the activities to the catering to the venue, even a ride home for your staff afterwards.  Everything can be done remotely.  Give her your budget, any requirements and let her come up with an idea file for things to do for your year-end party.  She can even get your employees to vote for what they would enjoy best.  Once decided she’ll only have to make a few calls to make the magic happen.

2# Staff and client gifts are another headache you don’t necessarily have time for.  Who likes what?  What is available?  What is affordable?  Hand it over to your Virtual Assistant, she’ll be able to send you pictures and quotes and if you prefer it she can even pay for them with your company credit card and have them delivered to your customers effortlessly.  You’ll be your clients’ hero without even lifting a finger.

3# She can send holiday cards to clients.  Whether it be physical or digital she can source or design a beautiful card wishing your clients the happiest of holidays and send them out via post, courier or digitally via bulk email platforms.  With technology today happiness is just a click away!

But wait there’s more, if you do decide to make use of a VA over the December holidays she’ll also throw in helping you plan your actual holiday!

4# She can search for affordable flights or transportation, accommodation, things to do at your destination, places to eat, etcetera.  All can be arranged by your own personal travel assistant, your Virtual Assistant.  The only thing you’ll have to do is pay up and show up.

5# When you’re away you’ll need someone to look after your house, water your plants and feed your pets.  Although a VA can’t help you with that physically, she can get you the right person for the job.  She can organise house sitters, pet sitters and even she can even get that leaky toilet fixed while you are away.  Isn’t that amazing?

Don’t worry that you won’t have anything to do for your Virtual Assistant this December holidays.  She can help you enjoy the holiday break you so rightfully deserve.  Just leave it in her capable hands.

And if you don’t have a VA and you have to do all these things by yourself, I hope this article motivates you to get one. Happy holidays!