6 reasons why you need a Virtual assistant

From my experience over the past 4 months of working with VA Connect as a Virtual Assistant for my client, there were a number of things that I have completed, namely

Project Management System:

Using Asana, a handy project management tool, I developed a system that her business can use to track projects and billable vs non billable work.

Team Communication:

As my client is striving to grow her team, I was asked to see what problems each team member faced and how we as a team could make the business better.

Market Research:

My client tasked me to do market research on a new project / business which she is striving to start in the New Year, everything from searching for current local competitors to how we can grow this new business.


On many a times, my client and I clicked on so many different levels, that we have formed an amazing friendship and have started to bounce ideas off each other. This is awesome, as being an entrepreneur can be a lonesome position to be if you don’t have people to bounce off ideas.

Video Training:

I have been tasked recently to see how my client can create step by step tutorials on the work she is doing to resell to interested people. This has been fun, as I love video myself and learnt even more and easier ways of creating videos for marketing.


Systems and procedures can be a very daunting task when a new person is employed at your firm. I was tasked to create systems and procedures of each process works like a “dummy guide”, so minimal can be made in the training process of a new employee.

In these 4 months, I have learnt a lot about the landscaping industry and how this affects the work my client does and how I can help her grow her business to the level she has always wanted.