Are you an Entrepreneur? Don’t go it alone! Get some help!

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As a startup or a small business there are so many things to keep in mind:

  • Finances
  • Work load
  • Growth of the business
  • Success of the business
  • Marketing and sales
  • Networking
  • Administration
  • The list goes on

It’s very easy to want to do it all yourself to save costs, but is this truly the best way? The growth and success of your business does fall on your shoulders, but eventually going it alone will prove to be extremely taxing on you as a person and the business. Dealing with the admin that a small business requires is extremely important, but this takes up the time you could be using to market and network your new business.

Hiring a full time employee to assist with the admin in your office is great, but is this the most cost effective way?

My Virtual Story

I am both a Virtual Assistant and a small business owner, which means that I have seen both aspects in true depth.  Let me explain more, I have seen how providing my VA services to clients has transformed their businesses and guess what, they only pay me for the hours of work I put in for them. Which means an equal output for what you pay as a client.

How does it work

As an entrepreneur I know it can be daunting handing over tasks to a Virtual Assistant because:

  1. They are virtual, how does that work and how can I trust him/her with my business?
  2. What tasks can they even do for me? Read on to find out…


Virtual Assistants are extremely proficient on systems; they have to be it’s what we do J! We take the time to research the best, quickest and most effective systems out there and use those on a daily basis. Some of the systems we use:

  • Slack: To keep in touch with our clients
  • Skype: For calls
  • Zoom: For video calls/meetings
  • Microsoft Office: For all document creation and editing
  • OwnCloud/ For document sharing with our clients

What can a VA really do for my business?

In all the work I have done for my clients, I have literally taken the admin burden (in some cases) completely from them and managed this function for their business, which has allowed them to have more freedom to grow their business and oversee more important aspects or just get on an a plane and go to Mauritius, because they have that person overseeing their business while they are gone.

Below is just a few things I have done for my clients businesses:

  • Put systems in place that were not there before
  • Overseeing the staff
  • Diary management
  • Travel arrangements
  • Reports
  • Blogging/social media management
  • Taking care of their clients
  • Email management

We are getting to a point where the working force is turning virtual, there is a reason for that. Why not join the movement today? Not sure where to find a competent Virtual Assistant? Here is a great place to start: