This Female Entrepreneur inspired me the most. This is why.

I have this friend that’s not the “norm”. She comes from an agricultural family, learned quickly from experiences and people, and eventually started her own PRO company. She has entrepreneur written all over her. It must be something that she got from her parents who were always changing, learning and developing different infrastructure in the agricultural sector.

Today her PRO company ( consults for many clients. When you ask her what she does, she says she works with her client in building and loving their brand as much as they do, but also gets the media and public to take notice.

When I think of her I think wizz-kid, beautifully explained as” a young person who is outstandingly skillful or successful at something”.

What about her made her so special that everyone took notice

After working for 4 years under a great mentor, she realized that she had an opportunity to go on her own, as many clients boosted her to try it out. She used her skills and abilities to start her own business and attributes her success to the following:

Being a team player and keeping an open mind

My friend knows that she will not always agree on the marketing route her client is taking, but always strive to give objective and honest feedback about new media coverage that will suite the clients products and abilities. Even if her client do not always see the value of a certain coverage, she always keeps a middle ground and do not get offended quickly. And if she does get offended and angry, in her own words: “I will cry in my pillow when no one sees”.

Always be honest

Honesty is a part of my friends being. Honesty builds trust, and trust helps any company grow. Her clients believe she will always be honest when giving feedback of the brand and getting new work in for brand building. She believes her clients will trust in the direction she steers a brand. When this trust relationship does not exist, demotivation, lack of work ethic and low performance is on the forefront.

Always ALWAYS be respectful towards your client

She believes respect is learned from an early age but can also be learned and practiced as an adult. Not only in the work place, but also your daily life these golden rules can be lived by.

A respectful person is:

  • On time (let your client always know if you are going to be late)
  • Use good manners and speak in a respectful language
  • Have tolerance and be considerate
  • Deal peacefully and open-mindedly with disagreements and anger

Learn to say no

Just like being honest and respectful, saying no is a skill that must be learned. It is tempting to always say yes when building your own business. Having too much on your plate can lead to low productivity. Time can be managed and only you know how much you are capable of doing and achieving in one day. The skill in saying no is helping your client understand that you cannot do something now, but you will be able to give a good alternative.

Inspired and motivated by my friend, pushed and helped me to start my own business. When my idea for my business formed she was the first person I phoned for advice. I knew that her advice will be valuable, so I took it to heart. Even if something in your mind does not work, does not mean someone else will see it that way. Push through the obstacles but always learn from them. And when you make a mistake, say sorry and move on. Choose your clients with an open mind and of the same values. And remember, trust your gut, YOU’VE GOT THIS.