Being a Resilient Virtual Assistant in 2018

Our abilities as Virtual Assistants is going to empower all current and prospective Virtual Assistants in taking our careers to the next level and will allow us to add value to any organisation.

I looked at the many skills a Virtual Assistant has and should have going forward, and I found that one of the most vital skills any Virtual Assistant should have going into 2018 is resilience.

Life can be challenging and we all struggle but one thing makes the difference between getting worn down and giving up or working to overcome life’s little (and big) roadblocks: resilience.

The Forbes website sums up resilience as:

Resilience means anticipating risks and feeling comfortable with change. Resilience involves limiting damage during turbulent times, absorbing hard knocks, regrouping and bouncing back when the worst happens. It’s the ability to start feeling better and bolster your confidence after a setback. It’s remaining engaged in the midst of shifting challenge.

In 2017 my resilience was tested over and over again, and there were many times, too many to count, where my resilience failed me as I was constantly faced with changing and challenging situations. It is during these times that I have had to rely on my self-confidence (which was also found lacking many times) to bounce back from worst case scenarios.

I would like to think that most virtual assistants are resilient types; it seems somewhat ingrained in our nature, along with being organised and enjoying writing a list or two or three (in my case)!  I have found that when resilience seems in short supply, there is the good news: It’s a skill I can always build on. If you can succeed in your mind, you are more likely to recover from setbacks and thrive in life.

As virtual assistants, we are far more resilient when we are engaged and supported and motivated with and by others. It’s the ties we have with others that make us stronger, happier, more creative — and more resilient to challenges.

One of those challenges is that prospective clients are beginning to look for Virtual Assistants who can do multiple specialised roles. I foresee that in 2018, they will be looking for someone who can do it all, or at least not be afraid to learn all aspects of their client’s business and operations. This is where the ability to grow comes in handy.

As Virtual Assistants, we should not allow ourselves to be limited to personal assistant “secretarial” services. In 2018, as it was in 2017, the need to streamline costs has grown and with it the virtual assistance industry will continue to undergo a change.

It is in our best interest to consistently perform above and beyond expectations in order to maintain our clients. When properly utilized, a virtual assistant can help in building their clients’ business.

Virtual Assistants in 2018, will be able to help any organisation increase their productivity while also being an asset that is guaranteed to lower their clients’ business costs significantly without compromising on their productivity.

So, where do you fit in, is your resilience going to stand you in good stead come 2018?

I contemplate this, thinking about what Merlin said to Arthur when he said he was not ready to be king, “We are never ready, remember, the only way to reach our true potential is when we rise to the challenges that life throws at us”

This I ponder, over a bowl of ice-cream, looking forward to 2018, being aware of the challenges I’ve faced in 2017 and knowing that in order to succeed, I need to grow (in all aspects of my life) and being resilient can only be a good thing going into 2018!