How Bright Is The Future Of The VA Heading Into 2018?

Wow! Another year is drawing to a close and while many are looking forward to winding down for the year and heading off on their holidays etc. us in the VA world are wondering what 2018 holds for us.

Well as I see it, having now worked in this world for some time, the future for Virtual Assistant’s is a very bright one.  I cannot see how companies could not want to have a VA in their team.  Why? Well quite simple, life is becoming a very costly game to play these days and everyone wants to save a buck here and there, and one very big way for companies to do this would be to employ a remote worker, surely.  If you think about it, the amount it costs a business or an individual to set up an office can be quite costly; rental for the space utilized, electricity costs, having to furnish said office space, computers, printers, maintenance of these items and so on, then you still need to pay the person doing  the job, definitely a costly exercise, especially for a small start-up or individual.

Now, if said business/individual hires a remote worker, a Virtual Assistant, that person will be working from their own home, using their own electricity, their own internet and equipment, already a huge amount of money saved right there, then you look at the fact that some VA’s, if not all, will get paid only for the work produced, so instead of a set basic salary and all the other things that would go with that usually such as pension funds, medical aid etc. the business owner will only pay for the work completed, or perhaps only for a certain amount of hours per week etc. again a considerable amount of money saved.  So that would be the biggest thing, I think, which would persuade a business to take on a VA and which could possibly see 2018 as being the start of things to come in the VA world.

Besides all the logistical and financial gains, a Virtual Assistant usually comes with a skill set which specializes in a certain thing, such as admin, data capturing, internet research, bookkeeping and the like, so when the business hires the VA to do, for example, data capturing and managing of a client database, they know that this person is an expert in this field and therefore the job will be executed to the highest standard, now isn’t that what every business would like? I think so.

So all this said, if businesses, especially here in South Africa, are made aware just how valuable having a VA in there team is I believe the future for VA’s is very bright, and 2018 seems like a good year for things to start to take this turn to using remote workers, Virtual Assistant’s.

I am looking forward to the New Year and new opportunities and hope that more and more VA’s are able to pave their way as the year goes on.