This is what my day looks like at a top-rated Virtual Assistant Agency

After many years of commuting to work and back, dealing with traffic, already being tired by the time I actually arrived at work, I am happy to say that I work in an environment and place where I am truly happy! I am about 1 minute distance from my office, and no traffic! Yes you guessed it, I have a home office and am a virtual assistant.

I do believe that more and more are taking advantage of doing this, as your time is flexible, and when you need to take a break from your computer, the kettle is just over there!

Yes there is a certain amount of discipline that is involved in working from your home office. But I have not had any difficulty with that as I am task orientated and am keen to get tasks completed timeously and then on to the next one.

The evening before work the next day, I also have a plan of action in mind, as to what tasks need to be tackled the next day. It does not always work out as planned, as one has to also prioritise, but it is still important to have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish in any working day.

If you want to time tasks, as some VA’s need to do for their clients, I really do like using Toggl. It is an excellent tool to use for time tracking. Tomato Timer is also a good tool to use.

I also set reminders for tasks that need to be accomplished daily, weekly , monthly or yearly, either on our Slack communication system as a direct message to myself or Outlook Calendar. One can forget J, so I feel it is really important to set reminders.

As a Virtual Assistant, one needs to continually upskill as the skills required are always changing. It all depends on the clients needs. Every assistant and every job is different. To be proactive is important. Research can be done to help your client with certain tasks and then introducing them to these new tools.

It is equally important to follow through on work given to you by the client, you are your own boss so to speak, and do not need someone to stand over your shoulder to see that the work gets done on time.

It is always good to check and recheck whatever task you have done. It is also important to communicate with your client, this is key, especially if unforeseen circumstances arise, and perhaps you cannot deliver the project when promised.

Now time for that cup of tea or coffee!


And to check on Mr Jimmy Chow!