How Being a VA Can Make You a Valuable Asset to Your Client

Looking back on my journey as a Virtual Assistant I can confidently say that I have been an asset to my client.  I think it is so important that each team member within a business be given the opportunity and encouraged to utilise their strengths to the maximum for the business to grow and reach its full potential.

My client openly admits that he is terrible at administrative tasks, so having me doing these things for him has given him the opportunity to focus and have the time to really go out there and do what he does best and that is marketing and selling his product.  He makes the deals and gets the business and I work in the background supporting and taking care of his customers and that is where my strengths are.  There are other team members in our group and every one of them do what they do best and that is why our team is so effective and successful.

Another benefit to my client is that I am not constantly in his workspace so he can fully focus on what he is doing without any interruption.  If he needs something done he just simply emails, sends me a WhatsApp, gets on Skype or give me a quick call and I can get on with it and he can also do this from wherever he is at the time.  It really is so easy these days with all the different ways available to communicate right at our fingertips.

Here are a few things that I do that take the workload off of my client on daily or weekly:

Writing reports on Excel

This is a task that I have had to learn a lot about along the way.  Some of our customers are very large companies with hundreds of staff and they require as much detail on these reports as possible with lots of different scenarios and all need to be colour coded.  These reports can take me hours and sometimes days to compile.

Customer support

This involves lots of email writing and sometimes phone calls.  This is not just copy and paste type emails.  I like to give each customer excellent support and make them feel special and well taken care of.  Each one is an individual and not just a number.  The personal touch is really what a customer likes and wants.

The client needs to know they can trust you.  I was at a seminar several years ago and the guest speaker was the late Doctor Myles Munroe and I will always remember him saying this, “Honesty is not the best policy, it is the only policy”. So even when you know that you have made a mistake, own up to it rather than try to cover it up to save face.  The client might initially be annoyed by the error you’ve made, but will respect you for your honesty.