How to improve your client’s company from a VA’s perspective

What can a Virtual Assistant do for a business owner? Out of my experience with my client, I found that he was not implementing his own Terms and Conditions, resulting in a huge amount of outstanding debt from his clients taking liberties and using his services without paying their dues.

Researching  my client’s business

I went and researched the exact terms and conditions in the contracts with each customer and found a very interesting clause. My client provides lessons to children and the parents were just scheduling lessons but were not paying for those lessons. So I liaised with my client and informed him that he was not implementing this clause in their contracts.

I then with permission from my client got more firm in the requesting of outstanding fees and if they did not adhere to these instructions and requests, their lessons would be suspended. My client was initially sceptical but as soon as we started suspending lessons, the parents with the outstanding accounts started to pay up. I also brought in a payment agreement document in order to help the parents that were having financial difficulties and easily keeping track of them.

A Virtual Assistant must familiarise themselves with their client’s business

So in my experience with my client, I found that a Virtual Assistant could accomplish a lot for their client by just spending the time in familiarising themselves with all the documentation and literature that their clients have available and learning as much as possible to be able to understand their business completely and to be able to assist in any place or area where they may be having difficulties.

Doing this has made my client’s business run much more smoothly and assisted him to be able to concentrate on the primary objectives of his company. This, in turn, has made his relationship with his clients better creating a better and healthier work environment.

Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant

I have also found that my client benefits with using a Virtual Assistant by that he knows that the administration side of his business is well taken care of and handled so that he can with peace of mind concentrate on the primary goal of his business. In my client’s case, I liaise with the clients of my client to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts.

A Virtual Assistant is one of the most valuable additions to any company and assists with having their office anywhere they are. Whether it is at home, at work or even on the road. Documents and spreadsheets are kept on a cloud server so there is no chance of them going missing and they are easily accessed by both the client and the Virtual Assistant.

Another advantage for a new entrepreneur is the ability to get their office set up and running at a very affordable price and with a small footprint. There is minimal setup time and the client’s office can be anywhere, even from their own living room.

Using a Virtual Assistant is beneficial in so many ways for a new up and coming business as well as an already established company. There is so much a Virtual Assistant can do to improve your business, find out more here !