The best uses for a Virtual Assistant this December

How to best use a Virtual Assistant this December? I was recently asked this question and was able to answer this question with a little bit of difficulty. Not difficulty as to what to say but rather as to where to start? What a wonderful time to be working with all the Christmas cheer going around!

I have a wonderful client, as we all do and he keeps me well busy during my days. But as with everybody, I am sure there is this pile that first starts small and through the year grows with stuff that still needs to be done but that we all just do not get to. So, December when the schools close is the perfect time for me to tackle that pile of work and finish it before the end of the year. Thereby starting the new year with a clean slate.

Also as my client is running a music school, there is a lot of admin for the children that occurs during the December month. Students with late payments that have to be sorted out and completed before the new year, students that have to be added or removed for the next year and also teacher assignments to be completed and confirmed before the new year can begin. Also not to mention the admin that goes with it. Then there are new registrations as well.

Another thing that I like to do is to send out Christmas cards to the parents of the children that I deal with the whole year and also not to forget the teachers that I work with so closely. Only something small to congratulate them on another year of teaching that was so well done as well as being able to work with them so closely and having the wonderful working relationship with them. This year especially with them being so kind and understanding in my time of need with me when I had a personal crisis. I must admit I am working for the most wonderful group of people, no family is the better word.

How to best use a Virtual Assistant this December? That can also be taken up by not your own client but rather a potential new client as well? The December time when everything quiets down and comes to an almost complete stop is the best time of the year to teach and train a new virtual assistant to work with your company and to be able to integrate seamlessly with your company in the new year starting in January with as little interruption as possible.

Also, the December time is family time and holiday time so a lot of people will be leaving to go on well deserved holidays. But for Virtual Assistants with clients that stay open the whole year, they do not have the luxury of having the client closing for them to be able to take the time off. In that case, the best way to use a Virtual Assistant this December will be to fill in as a temporary worker for a replacement with your client so that it can remain business as usual while you take your well-deserved break.

So the possibilities are endless on to how to use a Virtual Assistant this December the only limit is up to your imagination. I think the question should rather be Why not use a Virtual Assistant this December?